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Some people are just rude

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Today I was talking to a woman I just met and she was telling me about how she used to work as a pharmacist. She went on and on about how intresting it was and mentioned that it was always fun to "secretly know" why people were getting certain medicines. She then says "for example, do you know what Valtrax is for?" With a shudder. My heart skipped a beat but I calmly said "yeah, it's for hsv 1 and 2". She then proclaimed "it's for herpes!" And made a disgusted face. she went on to say that she knew if someone got a daily supply it was always for type 2 and If it was just a few doses it was "just for cold sores". I said "you know, I have a lot of friends with herpes type one not just type two genitally and a lot of people take meds to prevent spreading it since 50 percent of new cases are from hsv1. It's super common and easily controlled, it's not a very big deal" thinking she would take the hint and lay off. Instead, she reels back and continues on about how it was gross that people have "flare ups" of herpes and she hated knowing they were near her during and ob and quickly cleaned the counter top when they left. I quickly excused myself because she was obviously not only uneducated but inconsiderate and immature. I just hope I made her stop to think about the facts behind herpes or atleast to reconsider who she shares her rude, stigma based views with. I'm just glad that I stood up for myself and fellow h+ers even when it was super uncomfortable. This experience would have deeply upset me a few months ago, but now left me feeling sorry for HER not myself and the responsible people choosing to take antivirals to prevent spreading hsv. Most of our life experiences are determined by our reactions to given situations, a little bit of perspective gives us a whole lot of power. Sometimes you can't predict talking to a potential jerk any more than you can predict getting herpes, but choosing to walk away with a smile and sense of contentment is a choice we all have. Namaste :)

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what a piece of work! especially being in a medically related field. and no Valtrex isn't only for herpes. I was given it for bells palsy. people are given it for viral meningitis, etc. She was/is an uneducated, unsympathetic, judgmental rube. I feel sorry for her husband ( provided she has one) with that attitude she probably thinks sex is dirty and only for procreation. and her kids, did she run every time one had a runny nose?


Lol I just had a slight laugh at her fear of " hand herpes" I may be wrong but I think I read somewhere that the palms and bottom of the foot are 2 places herpes will never take. Jesus, if it were contagious from touching a surface, the whole planet would have it. literally.


I personally think of it as transmittable not contagious, as the second sounds more like it can be casually given and the first is sounds like more is involved, and it is. hope that makes sense, first cup of coffee isn't even in me yet and was up late randomly touching surfaces around town.

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She really needs a reality check (and some lessons on manners). The thing is I can see myself in her in some ways. Even though I have the disease (not sure the type yet), I feel the same way about surfaces. I am a germaphobe and it's hard to not want to sanitize everywhere that I touch, especially with an OB going on. My head knows that it's not contagious, but my heart says to do it 'just in case.' Thanks for posting; this has helped me to take my own reality check. :-)


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What a horrible person! How could she hobestlt work un a medical environent and think the way she does! Valtrex can also help shingles, and it can help chicken pox in jkids who get it at an older age!


Im soo proud of you @kaybee! Way ta stand up for yourself! And for walking away, i prob wouldve wanted to deck her in the face!!!

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Personally I would report her to the Pharmacy/corporate. That was totally unprofessional ... knowing as we do that many people are incredibly fragile (and even suicidal) when they are diagnosed and knowing how that could affect them is totally unacceptable behavior :(


And @seeker - I think she means Herpetic Whitlow regarding Hand Herpes :P

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