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Herpesselect positive and WB negative for HSV 2

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Hi all,


I was tested positive on July 15 with

Hsv 1 < 5

Hsv2 = 2.43


I got my WB on 8/25 and just got the result this Wednesday of hsv1 pos and hsv2 NEG!!!!


So my question on hsv1 - how do I know if it's oral or genital? I never had an outbreak and have tested thru culture of discharges and came back negative always. I been having symptoms - like burning legs , pain in my lower back , irritation of vulva area but never had a sore or lesion whatsoever for last 8 weeks now . Went to doctor at least 13 times within this time frame and no one saw anything. I was so stress thinking I have hsv2 but now that's neg... I been thinking about hsv1. I don't recall ever having a cold sore on my lips ever and nor down and under .... And with amount of stress and depression on hsv2 .... If I had have hsv1 wouldn't I have an outbreak?

How do I tell my partner in the future about it?


Thanks any advice would be grateful!

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question, how did you get discharges cultured if you never had an OB?


And on the herpesselect, what other antibodies do they think were at fault for a false positive? ive been led to understand that the type specific is only for H1 or H2 antibodies.

none of the other viruses in the herpes family create the same antibodies. im pretty sure mine was a herpesselect and if it could tell the difference between 1 and 2 it should differentiate between chickenpox, mono, shingle, etc.

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Hi seeker, WB is the gold standard of herpes test.

Here is a poster who tested positive via herpesselect with low positive # and got WB as confirmatory test and was neg! I just had the same thing with the mercy of a God!



I will take another WB in two months to close this out and praying it will remain neg.


I can't find the post that Terri Warren write in the medhelp site, but the way she explain the diff between herpesselect vs WB was:


Herpesselect is like looking for a person with their name and birthday but


WB is like looking for a person with their name, birthday, social security #, address! passport # , driver license#


So in short, much more accurate and less false positive results.


I got my discharge cultured by my obgyn. Think she sent to lab with the swab of the discharge and they test for HSV virus. This is more for if you may have outbreak in cervix and don't know.


Herpesselect test have false positive results due to many reasons... No one can say why but below is a link to possible explanation. Hope this helps!


God bless, S





One of the most common brands of type-specific serology is the HerpesSelect brand. It is a very good test, but there are issues with false positive results with one form called the HerpesSelect ELISA. (Other forms are the HerpesSelect Immunoblot and the HerpesSelect Express.) That is, some people who have a positive test result for the virus are not actually infected.


The Herpes Select ELISA is reported back as an index value. A value greater than 1.1 is considered positive. If you have no history of genital herpes outbreaks, did not have a positive culture or PCR test for HSV, or have no risk factors for genital herpes, you should know the index value. False positives have been reported with values less than 3.5. If your value is less than 3.5, ask to be tested again with a different test, preferably with another antibody test called the Western blot.


It all sounds a bit too complicated — but it’s not, really. The world is not perfect, and like all things, tests require some degree of interpretation too.

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thanks, I thought the false positives went away with the type specific because it was the other herpes viruses that caused it. my "score" was 6.4 and ive had some other things happen also. hmm, just looked and the link to my results expired so I cant check if it said on the results which kind. probably express because my results were back in @ 36 hours. I wonder if WB is the one the Doctor at planned parenthood said was cost prohibitive for them to do. my first OB mimic mono to a tee or I guess I could have had mono and it triggered my first OB, I dunno.

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no it makes no difference. your test should be type specific. not sure if they even have a non type specific one anymore. its just that from what the article said as I understand, a lower end positive has potential to be a false positive, that's all. mine was way up there. so much that a friend who is a nurse suggested ive had it far longer than I think, something im not willing to contemplate because 1 no symptoms till about 1 year ago and 2 that's not a conversation I want to have with my ex from 6 years ago, no good comes from that. plus she has had myriad number of health issues with that region so im assuming it would have been found by now. funny thing, we did the "full" std test before going bareback and this was in the day of the q-tip in the penis for gonorrhea for us men ( straight out of the inquisition that one) all clear.

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Hi seeker, yea it would only be worth to get the WB test if u never had an outbreak. My hsv1 result from herpesselect was greater than 5 and as my WB proven I was positive.... So the closer # to 1 the better chance of false positive. Anything greater 3 is less likely to be false positive.

At this point I have no idea if my hsv1 is oral or genital! So still searching for some answers but who knows.

Are u hsv1 or 2 ?

God bless, S

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