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Herpesselect positive and WB negative for HSV 2

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Hi all,


I was tested positive on July 15 with

Hsv 1 > 5

Hsv2 = 2.43


I got my WB on 8/25 and just got the result this Wednesday of hsv1 pos and hsv2 NEG!!!!


So my question on hsv1 - how do I know if it's oral or genital? I never had an outbreak and have tested thru culture of discharges and came back negative always. I been having symptoms - like burning legs , pain in my lower back , irritation of vulva area but never had a sore or lesion whatsoever for last 8 weeks now . Went to doctor at least 13 times within this time frame and no one saw anything. I was so stress thinking I have hsv2 but now that's neg... I been thinking about hsv1. I don't recall ever having a cold sore on my lips ever and nor down and under .... And with amount of stress and depression on hsv2 .... If I had have hsv1 wouldn't I have an outbreak?

How do I tell my partner in the future about it?


Thanks any advice would be grateful!

God bless, S

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Congratulations on your negative Western Blot. It definitely sounds like you don't have HSV-2. After adulthood about 80% of U.S. citizens have an oral infection with HSV-1. In a very comprehensive study with 60,000 participants, 32% of genital infections with HSV were with HSV-1. Here is the study: http://jcm.asm.org/content/48/1/150.full


Even so, the number of cases of HSV-1 occurring genitally is far lower than the number of cases of oral HSV-1 infection, for the simple reason that the percentage of individuals infected with HSV-1 genitally, is much lower than the percentage of individuals infected with HSV-1 orally. So the odds are clearly in your favor that it is oral HSV-1. Unfortunately, genital HSV-1 tends to be very tame, and after the first year of infection, the number of outbreaks averaged less than 1 per year, according to one reliable study. HSV-1 orally, you could have had since you were a child, and you may have gotten "cold sores" around your lips then, but you don't now because your immune system has the virus "under control."


Good luck to you,

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Thanks river! I followed ur story on this forum as well as medhelp. I hope u r dealing better with ur situation and I always thought u were negative to begin with :).


I just don't know what to say in the future as oral vs genital is a big difference in the mind. I would never want to transmit this to anyone without letting them know. I just hope the guy I would eventually fall for would be the 80% then it would be a none issue. I think it's very rare to contract hsv1 again .


Thank u and God bless, S

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