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Good Dating Sites & Ways too meet guys with Herpes

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Hi, well I am finally ready to get back to dating!! I'm a petite, attractive woman (early 40's) dark hair, divorced a long time... I caught Herpes from a cheating spouse and then threw myself into my work all the way. I am in NY but wanted to see if there were any good worthwhile sites I might sign up for... I know I can date non-H guys but just would rather date a man where I wouldnt worry that I might infect him. So please help me out here people, I,m finally sick of being alone and need your help :)

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well if you were in central florida.......


ive read to be careful with H specific sites, some are shills, just want your money and not many people. some people on here use the more mainstream ones but are out about their herpes. good luck and may you find the love of your life.

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Well, Positive Singles is one of the better ones, as well as H-date. But please think on this ... you are SEVERELY limiting the number of guys you will meet this way....because something like only 4% of all people on dating sites will be on "Subject Specific" sites like this (as well as others like J-Date, ChristianMingle, etc)


In my 8+ yrs of online dating, I have only dated 3 guys from the STD sites, whereas I've dated significantly more from all the other sites.


Rather than limit yourself because of your fear of passing it on, why don't you at least allow yourself to explore the possibility of meeting a H- person through the other channels, take it VERY slowly, and then when you need to disclose, ALLOW them to make an adult, informed choice for themselves about whether they are OK with the risk or not. I mean, every day, people get in their cars and the risk of DEATH in a car accident is 2% in your lifetime .... AND you allow all your friends to ride with you even though you might kill them in an accident. Check these links out and see it they help your perspective a bit ;)









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aww shucks Chrissy. a southern man such as myself could never compete with those big NY men with their fancy suits and skin care products, early heart attacks and string of mistresses. im old school, I hold the door open, pump a ladies gas, pull her chair out, ignore my phone when she is around and enjoy the type of dancing where you actually hold on to your partner.

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Seeker, actually that all sounds lovely! NY people these days are so busy keeping up in this insane economy don't even have the time to open doors, say hello or date lmaooo!!! But I'm afraid you'd have to drive too, not just pump gas - I don't drive. I tried but I was too scared lol!!


Willow, Dancer, you guys are too cute :)

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This must be how those nerds at the CIA feel when they read my texts to Christina Hendricks....can't....unsee...it...!!!


@whitedaisies. I'm not sure, but Chrissyny's opening post sure sounded like a fishing headline to me.


Sorry Chrissy, I too hail from the dirty south (yay irony!). Otherwise you could be spending time with an extremely sexually repressed 28 year old IT guy with some hair who enjoys fast cars, travelling, and unappologetic banter. /headline draft one, why mess with perfection itself...



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@ dancer, then your taken if he is in your sites. I don't step into other peoples stuff, no good comes from that.


@ myfierce, its the NSA not cia. had to look up Christina Hendricks, damn! I have a thing for the gingers :)


@ chrissyny, I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne. (ok actually blue moon beer).


lines from some of my favorite movies, " where's the fetus going to gestate, in a box?"


"always remember, there something more cleverer than yourself" " get your paws off me you damned dirty ape!"


and I love the blues, got to meet BB king once.

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Well, I hope it works out but we literally just started talking and went on a couple dates last month and I haven't been home at all this month. Will see where things go ... I'm cautiously optimistic but I've learned to not shut myself off from other options too soon ... while I'm not at all a "serial dater" I've learned that until I'm monogamous (I tend to not want sex until that is declared even though my body is often in extreme protest leading up to that point!) I need to keep my heart open because this online dating thing is so damned fickle ... had too many guys come on hot and heavy then just *POOF* they are gone :(


I also went to a BB King concert once ... it was awesome :)

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well good luck dancer. remember absence makes the heart grow fonder. as for the whole what the body wants, im a guy. try walking around with a second brain that can take a fair amount of the blood from the first.


My now ex got front row center tickets to see BB King. I could put my feet up on stage were I so inclined. then we did a meet and greet after. was an anniversary/birthday present. ive go the signed poster still but she lost the pics. got to see ray Charles also. could have seen elvis, yep but I was a kid and wanted to hang with my friends, unfortunately he died the next year. ive had a copy of live from Hawaii since I was 10.


chrissyny, fav music: blues, the kinks, indigo girls and marillion with the original singer.I like pretty much all music except rap/hip hop and opera. I can appreciate the talent to make them but don't especially like them. tho I do like micheal frontes stuff ( not sure how to spell it)he was with the disposable heroes of hipoprisy. I dig the Dali museum here in the area. been multiple times

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Hi everyone, so nice to read these fun responses after such a stressfu day. It all stems from work with 2 people I got into projects with -both being lazy, clueless AND unreliable. To avoid failing, I had to take on loads of unpaid work. Being in the arts, my balancing act between freelancing and managing these projects worked well for a long time, but this BS has dealt me a serious blow.


Because on top of time spent on unpaid work, combined with a steady freelance client who has delayed on his payment, everything is upside down!! This month has been nothing short of hell. Really.


Things are okay otherwise, just trying to find my balance yet I know me cutting off those idiots for good is for the best, so this is a transitional period - no doubt I will land on my feet, but I can't lie, all of this has been so hard :(


Funny though, you sure learn who your real friends are at times like this. Oh well, now u guys know why the delayed responses here. Man do I need a vacation.

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