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Minor Set Back

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Okay, so I just want to share this with people who understand. I have faced a minor set back in my quest for happiness after herpes. Today I was with a group of friends (well a few friends and more friends of friends). It was a very nice time and we had a lot of good laughs. However, somehow the topic got onto herpes. Like someone was talking about purple and then shortened it to purps and that rhymes with herps and there you have it! And it was all a good laugh for them. "Herpes the herp haha omg can you imagine?" blah blah blah.. I just cast my eyes down. Played it cool. But damn... a little punch to the gut right there. It isn't like everyone doesn't make fun of other (more) serious things and they don't know if those around them are suffering... and now I know how it feels to be that person, secretly suffering from their fun making. Boo..

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Thank you Dancer, as always thank you! These aren't the kind of kids who would care to be educated, but I didn't let it bring me down for long anyways. I think its almost harder being a young adult or teenager with this because most young adults and teenagers will refuse to try to relate or sympathize unless it is directly affecting them somehow. They still have that immortal attitude going on (if that ever goes away). But I do know they didn't mean anyone, especially me, harm and if they knew the truth they would most likely apologize and try to sympathize. It doesn't make them bad people, they are just ignorant of the situation and ignorant about the virus.


In my head I was just thinking, yeah, I can imagine, and you know what? I'm sitting here laughing with you and I am perfectly fine and healthy(: No big deal.




Wish I could have been there this weekend(:

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Thank you @willow I really did love your post! I think I'll look up some of those jokes(: Knowledge is power and the reality is, because of herpes I will probably be a healthier person (physically and mentally) than if I didn't have it.


PLUS, the people who truly matter to me are there for me and love me no matter what anyways. (In fact, my boyfriend told me he loved me today for the first time! Yay, had to over share for a second!!! (: )


When I first found out, or around that time, which seems like forever ago but was in fact a month ago, I went to the movies to see Let's Be Cops and in the movie one of the guys got paid 11,000$ to be in a genital herpes commercial, I mean it was a comedy so obviously it was to make fun. The guy was like what? They found me in a mall and offered me 11 grand! Plus its great exposure! So I don't know, I did laugh the commercial was funny. And I appreciated the fact that whoever wrote the script added the "its great exposure" line even though at the same time they insinuated that they had to find random people in malls because "real actors" refused to do the commercial, lol. Off to go find some really good jokes!

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jokes are meant to diffuse and take away power. they can make hard subjects softer. my church has a program called OWL. our whole lives. its sex ed for tweens +, age appropriate. one of the things they do is make the kids do stupid stuff with condoms in order to demystify them and make them ordinary objects. I often say,

'penis penis penis" to my offspring just to make the word contain less power ( in the right setting of course not just randomly). remember all cultures have a tradition of the sacred clown for whom no, and I mean no subject was taboo. to this day in many parts of the world people make jokes at the scenes of accidents, it helps diffuse the situation. I make jokes over almost anything and have actually bit my tongue on more than a few occasions when responding on the forum. ive wondered if people know they just threw me a slow ball?

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