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The Herpes Opportunity Weekend was OFF DA CHAIN!

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I have to keep this really short for now... and I'll come back later with a longer set of thoughts, but I just have to thank Adrial for inviting me to be on Staff at the Herpes Opportunity Weekend this last weekend. What a privilege to be part of the transformation of 11 beautiful women (you guys out there really missed an "Opportunity" there!) who went from scared, angry, hopeless, and so many other negative emotions around Herpes, to empowered, hopeful, reflective, beautiful and FIERCE in their outlook about themselves and the future.


I've been in some amazing transformational work, and I can tell you this is some of the most satisfying work I've been involved with to date. I'm still digesting everything I experienced .... and I know that others will be chiming in here ... but if you are struggling and want to see what is possible with Herpes, go to http://herpesopportunity.com to get in on the information about the NEXT weekend ... because I can't wait for Adrial to arrange the date for the next one already :)



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I would love to go to the next one! You and Adrial are both so inspiring, I feel like you're both celebrities to me as silly as that is haha. I'm from the west coast but have family in North Carolina, how can I get more information (about pricing especially since I'm a broke college student lol)

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I am totally exhausted, but in a wonderful way...in a fulfilling way!


The H Opp weekend was nothing I expected but everything I had hoped. To witness the growth in the amazing women that participated was truly inspiring. Women from all ages, all professions and jobs, from many different cities, from different countries, with different personalities, found it safe to come together and support each other in their life journey. What first was hesitation and fear turned into hope and self-love and it was the most amazing moment in my life (besides becoming a mother) to be a part of the re-birth of these women.


The quality of the facilitators, 4 amazing men, filled with compassion and a willingness to make a part of their life, helping others transition is amazingly admirable. Their modelling of how to be truly connected to one self and others made it so easy for us to mirror.


And of course, the helpers (former participants, friends and family of Adrials), what truly wonderful people to gift us all with their presence and support.


Adrial, you are truly a beautiful person in every sense of the word. I saw your soul at this conference and your heart and they are infinitely deep. Your courage to turn your struggle into an opportunity for yourself and others is truly what being human encompasses.


I wholeheartedly recommend this weekend to absolutely anyone struggling with life and/or herpes as this weekend helps you with both. These 3 days will lift you and carry you when you need and transition you to a place where you can do it yourself.


Hugs to everyone who helped and participated!


Special hugs to Adrial

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