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Hsv1 acts like hsv2 ??

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Hello everyone!

I was diagnosed with genital herpes in June of 2013 after sleeping with a new partner. I'll try to keep it brief but I wasn't tested for which type at the time because of the cost of the test. I assumed I had type 2 due to the severity of the outbreak and the past year has been AWFUL. I seem to be in a constant state of outbreak...even taking 1g of valacyclovir every day to suppress then..doesn't work!

Just last week I finally got the blood test. The test was type 1/type 2 specific Igg test and I showed negative for hsv2 and positive for hsv1...the number next to it was 9.55 with High written next to it.

So my question is...with all the research I've done about ghsv1 being so mild and most people only have 1 or 2 outbreaks ever..why is mine so extreme?? The outbreaks the self are very mild and very small with only 1 blister at a time in the same place..but why is the frequency so bad?? It just doesn't make sense. Over the past year I've probably had close to 100 outbreaks. It's very depressing especially since I got the news that type 1 is not as severe as type 2. I'm continuing to take my 1g of valacyclovir everyday is there anything else I can do?? Anyone else been diagnosed with type 1 down there and experienced this too? This year has been full of stress with my living environment but now things have calmed down I've really been hoping they will subside for a while..

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yes I have HSV1 one and in the past I had every month several Ob . I do have a cronical disease which put my immune system down ...do you have any disease ?

Well H always have different impact on peoples live, some people just get 1 OB a year , some get it once a live and other people get it frequently....its not that fair , is it ? :( .

I tried several thing in the past , some thing worked and other didn't. A lot of people swear on L-Lysine, it didn't helped for me but a lot of people have success with it...try it and you will see.

My Ob and symptom's only got less just in the last months and I can tell you that I tried a lot of things.( I even acupuncture myself in the private parts )

What changed : I bought myself a juicer (no mixer) and I produce every day my own natural juice (mostly veggies) , it have a lot of vitamins and its really jummy. I try to eat all my veggies completely row because it have more vitamins.

I cut down bread and eat every morning just Chia with some yoghurt or rice with fruit because it have a lot of good stuff inside. I do a lot of sport and try to relax as good I can. I eat all my food with Turmeric because its antiviral and healthy.

Well I am not sure if this help you because every body react differently but I have several cronical diseases and it helped me , so maybe you can try some of that stuff.

Thinks get better ,maybe we will be never the person who just get one OB a Year but we can make live more relaxed.Hope I could give you some ideas what to do.Big hug


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Hi @Le3113!


Sorry to hear this virus has been so rough on u!


I myself have ghsv2, the weird thing is tho im kinda opposite to what u are going through. Im on o.b. #6 and every o.b. so far has been super mild in comparison to what ive been told by my doc that i should be going thru.


The problem is every single body is different, and every o.b. can be different too.


What ive been doing lately : one 500mg vacyclovir dailt for suppressive, and then if i think i feel a prodrome or like right now im going thru an o.b. i take two 500mg of l-lysine 3 x a day for maybe a week. And for me it seems to be helping. I know l- lysine doesnt seem to help others tho. Ive heard many on the forum saying theycut their pill in half. One half in morning the other half at night.


Keep a healthy diet. Lotsa veggies, go for walks. Cut down unhealthy sugars, find ways of destressing your body with a bath here and there! Hope this helps a little bit.

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Thank you both very much! I haven't bought lysine pills yet but I plan on doing so this week! I have been trying to consume a lot of meat as I know that it has a lot of lysine and cut down on carbs and grains as much as I can. I don't have any disease that would lower my immune system, maybe the stress and the depression have caused it to be lowered significantly too. Also the heat!! I live in Southern California and it's been 100 degrees for months now, I think that might aggravate it. Thank you for your support <3

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L-lysine is more in fish and white meat not in red meat and yes its good to cut down sugar and carbs. Yes stress can increase Ob and heat do the rest but it will change after a while. My body can deal so much better with sun after two years of H, it get better .just make your live healthier.......eat your veggies :) Yes all of our mummy's were right and find your guide inside, that's the most important.

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with all the research I've done about ghsv1 being so mild and most people only have 1 or 2 outbreaks ever..why is mine so extreme??


As mentioned above ... could be diet, stress, or even hormones. I'd keep looking at the diet, try the L-Lysine, and try the hints I have on my blog (link below). Attacking it from the outside helps me a lot ...





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Thank you all! I will definitely look at your blog wcsdancer..it's still early days I know, my granny had hsv1 and used to have cold sores whenever she got stressed so i probably have a pre disposition to having frequent attacks anyway. But hey at least no one can see right?? Thanks again for your responses :)

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