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Possible HSV2? Not sure where to begin...

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In the middle of July I had noticed I developed a small "rash" down there. Going down along the right lip's edge, right before the fleshy pink skin begins. Little red bumps later came up, looks like they opened up but I didn't notice any fluids coming from the tiny sores. I assumed I washed the skin raw or irritated the area. It lasted a few days, and never really thought of it again until now. Maybe 2 days ago I noticed I had little yellowish pimple looking bumps in the same exact area. Doing down along the right lip again...I started taking hot baths when I noticed this. But the "pimples" just seemed to have gotten bigger, at least compared to last time, and now that they are opened there's a yellowish fluid coming from the biggest spot. Pain is relatively low. It doesn't seem to hurt unless I really touch it directly. I've read possible causes. I was hoping maybe this is because of a yeast infection since I've had no other symptoms. But in all reality I have come to terms with the fact that this is most likely ghsv... probably type 2. My question now is where would be the best place to go to get this looked at? Unfortunately I am unemployed and don't have health insurance. Maybe the county health department? I'm not sure... what tests should I have done to make sure I get an accurate result? I've been reading about false results it comes to the count levels for type 1 and type 2, many blogs I've been reading mention a western blot test? Any advice, suggestions, idea's?

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Yellow pus doesn't sound like hsv 2 to me...put the virus does present itself differently so you never know for sure until you get it swabbed! I would recommend planned parenthood, they are so kind and educated plus in california it's free if you don't have the income and in other states I'm sure it's very low cost. You should call and try to make an appointment for tomorrow!! A doctor needs to swab the fluid inside of one of the bumps to test it for hsv. Swab tests are highly accurate but you can also do a blood test to see if your body has built up antibodies to hsv (if it has, that means you've had the virus for longer...a blood test may be negative if you just contracted h because your body hasn't had time to build up antibodies. Look up your closests planned parenthood and call or make an appointment online ASAP! Goodluck love it'll be okay <3

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hey MOM, I went to planned parenthood here in florida. they only had the swab test not a blood test. for my diagnosis I used a lab called anylabtestnow. it was either 49 or 59$ for the type specific blood test and results were quick. I wasn't having any type of OB when I went to PP the first time. I went back for meds as they offer a good price. 17 for episodic and 24 for suppressive. my only issues were the wait time, 2 hours after my appointment and being the only male I figured everyone knew what I was there for, std stuff. most local clinics don't offer herpes testing as its "cost prohibitive" here they offer, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV in the panel.



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Hello and Welcome @Mom!


Yes - Planned Parenthood is your best bet ... and you can explain that you don't have health insurance and they may well give you a sliding scale and payments if necessary. They did that awhile back for me when I had to get my STD panel done.


If you do Western Blot you have to go through Westover Heights clinic as you can't get it done anywhere else (Nurse Terri Warren can do it over the phone) but I'd go for the PP route first as it will be a lot less expensive.


Do you have any other reason (recent sexual contact?) to believe you have been exposed to it?

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@seeker I'm also in Florida. Central East Coast. So the weather doesnt really help me with this... I think the closest Planned Parenthood clinic to me is in the Orlando area but I go there often so I may contact them here in a moment, I don't really have much for them to swab at this point so I'll see what they suggest I do or maybe they can refer me. I noticed there are a lot of clinics that don't test for hsv. Making this a little harder on me.


@wcsdancer2010 other than the skin conditions I've been experiencing, and being unprotected with my last partner, I haven't really had anything unusual happen. No flu like symptoms, no swollen lymph nodes that I'm aware of, nothing. Im currently with someone else now (an ex who I'm very close to). He feels I'm being paranoid. He was expecting it to be horrible by the way I was reacting lol, I still want to be careful until I know for sure. If this is ghsv then I guess I could live with it, it really hasn't bothered me much unless I touch the redness directly. It just seems odd because from what I've read the first outbreak is usually the worst and it should be less severe. This"outbreak" is a little bit different than the first time I noticed it. Last time I saw and the felt the "rash" way before any bumps came up. This time it was the other way around. And the fluid from the raised bumps was not the same color.. And this time the bumps have dried differently. Before they closed up smooth with no scabbing, similar to an ingrown hair. I've been trying to analyze every little thing but I truly won't know until I go get tested. I'm honestly just trying to get comfortable with the idea that I just may have this forever. And thankfully my partner doesn't care whether I end up having it. So praying for the best but prepared for the worst. Either way I have learned so much about this condition.

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@ mom good. just remember with the blood test you need @ 4 month for the antibodies to show. PP is good for followup but they will want a copy of the results. they offered the antivirals very inexpensively. 17 for episodic, 24 for suppressive, no new RX or apt just a call within a year. which is good because even with an apt im still in there 2 1/2 hours after said appt. and being a guy ive got 1 of 2 reasons for being in there, STDs or vasectomy.

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my results were sent via passcoded email and I got them at 8pm the next day. it was the private lab. typed blood test and my "score" was way too high to be the rare false positive, unfortunately. oh, if you chose that way make a copies of it. my link has expired now and I only made the one for PP. dhoh! I could get it back but have to go thru the lab and have no reason at the moment. only 2 issues with this way. no doctor to talk to and I read the results at @ 9 and didn't get much sleep that night.

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