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Herpes scar still hurts , please help

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The outbreak is over . There is no open sore. All that is left is a red scar that I had to point out to my Gyno bc she couldn't even see it . It sometimes feels like it's an open sore rubbing against my skin. Lidocaine ointment isn't even working. I still feel it . Has anyone else had this happen before??? And if so please tell me there is a remedy or an end in sight.

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Hi @Ladyf123!

Im going thru the same thing right now, i had one or two tiny little sores. They finally seem to be gone but the area is still tender. How long has this been going on? (My sore already healed i think yesterday) Have u tried soaking in a bath with some epson salts? Aloe vera cream (no gel!!!) Also make sure when ur done in the shower or bath that alllll the soap has been rinsed off that area, since us girls have a unique crease so to speak, its important to thourally rinse the area as sometimes the soap can irritate us. last time this happened to me the tenderness faded in about a week, this time might be the same, hard to tell.. haha. But it does go away! Remember to keep that area as dry as u can, right now the virus is just taking its sweet damn time going back thru the nerve to its dormant possition.

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My ob has been healed for about 2 weeks. The scar is so small u can barely see it yet it still hurts. I've tried lidocaine jelly it seems to sting more than anything and hasn't numbed anything. This most bothers me at the end of my work day (I'm a teacher , stand /walk all day) . I take baths at least 3xs a week. Aveeno oatmeal baths. Did the epsom salt bath while in an active ob. Just wish this would go away once and for all. Never experienced this with an ob before :( thanks for your response willow. Does urs sting a bit and feel like it's still an active on even after it's had more than enough time to heal? Going to see another Gyno on Monday. I'm hopeless at this point. This is making me very depressed .

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Maybe your sore has healed but if it still stings dont put lydocain on it, as u *may* have a little bit of opennes still and cant see it or something like fishers.

Or if u must use it, use a tiny tiny amount. Hopefully ur new gyno has a bit more sun to shine down on this cloud!!

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If the lidocaine stung then the skin is not closed up and you actually likely have the "papercut" kind of OB going on there.


Try the Aloe Vera cream AFTER the Epsom Salts bath. The salts will help to kill any bacteria that may be complicating things and the Aloe Vera will soothe the area. Odds are all the standing and sitting is keeping the area from totally healing because it isn't able to get aired out enough. Sitting used to always make my OB's worse - in the past any time I traveled and had to sit in a car/plane for hours, I'd get an OB :(

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