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Reliability of urethral sampling PCR ?

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Hi all


I got this morning a negative diagnosis for H through urethral sampling via PCR method

I was wondering whether this test is reliable because i still have red spots around my urethral since 3 weeks now and i really has terrible itching for 1 long week. All my other STD including yeast and bacteries tests are negative so i was expected a positive diagnosis with this H test.

Should the swab have been made on my red spots instead of inside my urethra ?


Thank you for your reply

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"Red spots" may not be shedding enough for a reliable sample ... they usually would take the fluid from a blister if you had one. I assume they tried the urethera to see if you might have anything going on on the inside where it can't be seen....


It could be balanitis (google it for info) , psoriasis, excema, contact dermatitis, or a number of other things too. Have you recently changed the brand of detergent you use on your clothes or perhaps brand of underwear?


I think it might be worth you going to a Urologist (male counterpart to an OBGYN) to see if you can get to the bottom of it ... and get re-rested for H in about 4 months to be safe ;)





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Hi Dancer


Thanks for your message


Yes i saw an urologist (twice). He told me it is not H but he told me as well that he is not an expert of this infection. I didn't change the brand of my clothes detergent but just changed boxer shorts for larger ones (for commando ;-)

I have been told maybe bec. summer and heat i could have some itching but honestly it was not classic itching but burning feeling.

Should i try now a dermatologist ? or wait for the swelling and rep spots to dissapear ? I am exhausted to see so many doctors, i have got the feeling they don't really know about H.


The last thing to do is then a blood test ?


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could it be heat rash? ive never experienced any red bumps on the top, however a swelling of the normal bumps may look like a rash, or be cause by one. we aren't exactly smooth down there, all kinds of bumps and crannies and goose flesh, esp when you start really looking at it because of these concerns.

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Hi Seeker,

No it couldn't be heat rash, it was really not that hot when i got these bumps and swelling which appeared for a second time after 4 weeks at the same place around the urethera. and H is known to appear at the same place. i don't want to be paranoaic but the coincidence and facts scare me a lot !

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A dermatologist may be a good thing to try. Wouldn't hurt to try. You may also want to google Herpes Doctor + your closest large city ... sometimes there are Dr's in bigger towns that specialize in STD's and Herpes ... or who are known for their knowledge in this field. Wouldn't hurt to try. :/


Or wait at least 4 months from when you *think* you were possibly exposed and get the blood test. I wouldn't go any sooner than that because your symptoms are so unclear as far as it sounding like H.

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