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What doctor to handle all herpes needs

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Hey everyone,

So it seems the only way I'm going to calm down about this heroes business is to get some medical peace of mind. I can't continuously be afraid of my body. It'll be the first step in feeling like I have my life back together if I can simply get control of my health. So here's the question. Who do you go see for your herpes needs, blood tests, swabs. Do you see an obgyn, general practician, infectious disease specialist or dermatologist? I'd like a blood test to really type things out. I have been diagnosed with hsv2 by swab genitally but notice some potential nonsense in my oral area and on my hand. As far as I know hsv2 isn't supposed to spread like that...so I want to be sure that I'm not causing further damage or If taking too many precautions, I can relax. I know the mind is a powerful thing and sometimes we can make mole hills out of ant hills. I'd just rather be safe than sorry.

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OMG - first - the auto-corrects are KILLING me today ... Bloodworms and Heroes .... Bahahahahahahaaaa!




I assume you are a woman as you mention OBGYN.... I'd try there or Planned Parenthood first. It's very possible you have HSV1 if you have "nonsense" happening on the outside of your mouth ... if it's inside it's likely a canker sore which is usually caused by bacteria or yeast. If you can go when the nonsense is happening, all the better so you can get a swab on it, but it wouldn't hurt to get blood type tested for H2 AND 1.


It never hurts to know if you can get a diagnosis ... but sometimes we just plain don't have control of things and some things will always be unclear ... coming to peace with that can be hard but it's possible ;)



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Oh, Reachout, don't call yourself names. ;) All of us have been a victim at one time or another of the overhyped paranoia created by herpes stigma. And asking questions and getting the facts (which is what you did) is a way out of the stigma. Knowledge and acceptance get spread instead of herpes. :)

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