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Help...what is happening to me?!

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Hello and Welcome! Glad you found us! So first... BREATHE! You will think a lot more clearly with oxygen in your system ;)


So can you tell me more about the test - you say that a couple months after you had sex with this guy you were tested and came up positive for HSV2? Can you tell us what test you had and what values you got on the test???


As for your Dr telling you to not tell him, that is SOOO not ok until you are sure of your status. But look at it this way ... Herpes can be a great Wingman ... so let it help you to slow things down to REALLY get to know the guy. Let the guy know you have some medical stuff going on and that right now sex isn't an option. That keeps you in integrity as far as what you know and will give you and excuse to slow down and GET TO KNOW HIM on a level you likely don't likely normally do before you have sex. It will help you to see they guy in a different way that may blow your mind ;)




http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/3309/successful-herpes-disclosure-but-not-for-the-reasons-you-might-think (Herpes Wingman example Mazedaze818 )


If you can give us the numbers on your tests then I can give you some ideas of what your next step would be....



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Thanks so much for your response! I had my test done at an urgent care, and when I asked them what kind of test they weren't even sure, so I also had it faxed to my gyno who is out today. The doctor at the urgent care is also going to call back, so I will let you know once I hear! Is it possible to have the flu like symptoms with no outbreaks, or flu like symptoms from only oral herpes? None of my doctors seem to think this is related, but I have never had health problems before :(


I will definitely disclose to him...it is much harder to spread when you never have outbreaks right? Which also makes me confused how I got this when I used protection and the guy had no sores :(. I think the guy who gave it to me knew what he was doing because when I told him I had a rash he just said, I don't know what you want from me? So sad and I hope it don't have these muscle pains forever :(. I literally feel like I am dying!

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first off. as dancer said, breathe. second forget all the sex stuff. you have something going on you need to figure out. sex is the last thing that you should be worried about. if you had a major flu would you be worried about sex? im doubting it. first things first. GPs and urgent care docs are woefully undereducated about herpes. if that's even what you have. you need to take care of yourself and get healthy first and foremost.


I went to an urgent care on my first OB, they thought it was mono and the bumps some bacterial infection. so take it for whats its worth. funny thing, mono is a type of herpes so I guess he wasn't completely off. you need to know what your test says, what type it was and how long after potential exposure.


as far as spreading, don't have sex for now. take your time. figure out what it is. if it is herpes, then worry about it. your sicker than a dog and your worried about sex??? damn every woman ive married that was the last thing on their minds.

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Haha I'm definitely worrying about sex this instant, just panicking about the future! I am the type of person who reads too much webmd and panics, so it's horrible for me! I just talked to the urgent care and they want me to come pick up the results, so I will get them and post soon because I definitely can't wait any longer to find out!

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id say yes as ive not heard of anyone having a straight up yes or no. my tests had the numbers I tested at and the ranges on it for both types.


re the Valtrex, there are different ideas about it. one is, let your body learn to deal with the virus. I should get it under control eventually. I only use the val episodically because im not in a relationship. plus being new to this im trying to figure out what is an OB and what is my screwed up paranoid mind . taking them daily is known as suppressive and unless in a relationship a lot of people don't take them that way, unless of course they have really bad OBs or constant ones.


I would be giving some serious thought to a retest and not at an urgent care, either an oby/gyn, planned parenthood, or a lab yourself. and ask what kind of test they offer. blood test will tell you what but not where, swabs tell you both but can be tricky on the timing.

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I personally would go to an OBGYN/Planned Parenthood ... as @seeker said, GP's and clinics are WOEFULLY poorly informed about Herpes. It's totally BULLSHIT to not have the numbers to go with your results, because there are enough "false positives" within the result range of 1.1-3.5 that you would need to know if your numbers were higher than 3.5.


You should ALWAYS get a printed copy of your test results for ANY test because that acts as a reference point for you for future health issues.


As for risks between OB's - yes, the risk IS lower but not to the point that you shouldn't disclose (which *some* doctors will tell you is ok .... AAARGH!) Check Adrials Handouts and ebook for the stats and figures :)





Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video




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Thanks for your advice! I will definitely get another test! I'm pretty sure at this point my symptoms must be herpes though, because the pains I'm having in my legs and flu like symptoms sound like it! It's just strange that this is happening 2 months after possibly contracting it! If I get recurring flu like symptoms/ leg pain I will be devastated :(

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It generally takes at LEAST 3 months ... but to be safer, 4-6 months ... to build up enough antibodies to be reasonably certain of the result. But we even have a few on here who tested positive on a swab culture who were not typed, who even 6-8 months later are still in the negative or indeterminate category. Some people's immune systems just really take their time getting going.


I'd try again at 4 months post exposure ... if it's still negative maybe one more and see if the numbers are rising or are above the positive mark.


You are right, it *sounds* like you have herpes, but until we "see the duck", it's best not to assume the quacking IS a duck :)



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  • 1 month later...

Ok gyno was still convinced I didn't have it...but I went to another doctor who just gave me an igm test, and I tested positive for both! The scores were 1.2 and positive range was less than 1.2. I'm go into get the IgG done again, but I am really freaked out because I have been to 4 doctors now And none of them will prescribe me valtrex! My muscle pains are worse when I'm not on it, and I'm sure I will spread to my bf if I'm not on it! My original prescription was from urgent care, and not they won't refill it.

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Anyone doctor who knows their shit on Herpes won't do the IGM test because it's notoriously unreliable :(


Odds are they are not prescribing Valtrex because you are not having an OB or if they feel you don't have it. If you are that concerned, you might go back to urgent care. But if you are on them they may be affecting how fast your body is making the antibodies that are needed to get a proper test result. So it's a bit of a catch 22 for a few months for you right now.


Hows about trying to find other ways to be intimate on the days where your symptoms are the worst ... or even better, for the next few months. Make it into a fun way to get to know each other's bodies better ... who knows what inner freak you may discover? ...LOL

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Yeah plus my IgG for hsv 1 was negative, so it's suspicious I tested positive for both! I know, it's just my bf is about to leave to go on a business trip for a couple weeks, and I can't be sure whether or not I'm even having symptoms! I would almost rather have outbreaks if I do have this so I could be sure when not to have sex :(


Also I have been having something that looks like a cold sore on my mouth since this all started, so it's possible it's only even there for all I know!


Thanks for your response!

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Also the doctor who didn't seem to know much about it was an infectious disease specialist...what kind of doctor might actually know something about this? I feel like I know more about it than they do just from reading the cdc site!! It's ridiculous for something they tell me is so common

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  • 3 weeks later...

Still so confused....2 months after I got over being extremely sick, I had a rash for a day that went away after applying cortisone. Then I had itching again for over 3 weeks. I had a culture during the itching that was negative. It was positive for yeast infection. However, i think any culture internally would be negative because I used a condom with the person that would have given me this. Now after the itching stopped for a week I am having a horrible headache/ pain in the back of my head and slight nausea. Also swollen glands but that is likely from the cold I have. I have some pain in my arms and occasionally my legs as well. I have been assuming this is herpes because of my positive IgG test, but I'm wondering if I should stop assuming that and get tested for other illnesses as well. I actually got another IgG test over 10 days ago and the doctor still hasn't gotten back to me, I am so frustrated! Does anyone have symptoms like this?

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I've had all the symptoms you described if it helps (except headaches but i never get them).All my research and panic just made everything worse, but felt necessary at the time. Unfortunately, lots of conditions have the same kind of symptoms. All mine have faded now, I get hints of them now and then. If you haven't seen the duck, that's not so surprising. 80% don't see it clearly either. Relax for a few days until you see what the results say. I found the doctors here in UK didn't recognise some of my symptoms either. They put it down to stress.. Which could be right I guess, but as people say, it's just a weird bug.

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I just got an email from the doctor that I tested positive again, but they wouldn't even tell me the numbers or what type of test! I'm so upset :(. Especially since the only person I told was my mom and she started crying when I told her! The more I look back on things I'm positive the person I got it from knew he had it too :( and now I think I will have recurring flu symptoms for the rest of my life! I still am in a lot of pain from this and I am so upset right now I can't stop crying :(

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and now I think I will have recurring flu symptoms for the rest of my life!


Not true. This is one of those "Don't believe everything you think" moments friend. BUT, the more upset you get, the more anxious you get, the more you FEED the Herpes virus. It LOVES stress and anxiety. So *try* to calm down and BELIEVE me when I say that your symptoms WILL GET BETTER with time. The more you buy into your fears and upset, the longer it will take for your body to get control of the virus.



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