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Help...what is happening to me?!

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@E9507 Chin up. I just got diagnosed a few months ago and even though I didn't get terrible flu symptoms I had constant symptoms ... I thought it was never going to go away, but after two months things have started to calm down. It will calm down. You are going to be fine. :)

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I think I may be having a 3rd outbreak in 4 months :(...I only get a rash and itching so it's hard to tell, but I will never be able to have sex again at this rate :(

Thanks for all of your support! I still have so many questions!

I haven't even told the person who gave this to me that he had it yet because I am still trying to be in denial

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You may get the flu symptoms for awhile but over time your OB's should get milder... mine are mostly barely noticeable though right now I am dealing with several back to back oral OBs (I have both) ... been burning the candle at both ends and now have a cold...so my immune system is pretty broken right now. Resting up this weekend and hoping that I can help my system to recharge. Can't remember the last time I got this sick and had so many OB's :p

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thanks dancer. I'm getting so depressed about all of this. I still have only tested positive for hsv2, but I often get redness/chapping on my lip in the same spot, so I still wonder if it is just there. Would having it just on your mouth still give you flu like symptoms and back pain?

I have also recently been contemplating breaking up with my bf, because I would literally not be able to live with myself if I gave it to him and he got symptoms anywhere close to what mine were. I literally wake up every night having nightmares that I gave it to him!! This is not fair :(


Do you know how I can get the western blot test, and if this will help tell me where the infection is?

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Odds ave VERY much against you having HSV2 on your lip. 99% of all Oral Herpes is HSV1. So it's pretty fair to say that IF you have the HSV2 virus it is in the genital region.


I have also recently been contemplating breaking up with my bf, because I would literally not be able to live with myself if I gave it to him and he got symptoms anywhere close to what mine were.


Please don't do anything rash at this point. For one, this man is standing by you, SEEING you go through this and he is willing to stay with you through it all. That is a rare and wonderful thing to find. Second, you are soooooo very early in your experience with Herpes. In 6 months or a year, things may be VERY different. Yes, *some* people have a bad experience like yours.... BUT ... remember that 80% of people who get herpes never have ANY symptoms (hence why they don't know they have it) and even those of us who get it often have much milder OB's. And remember that your BF is a grown man and TRUST HIM to be able to make the CHOICE to be with you, fully knowing his risk. AND, it's still unclear if you have Herpes anyway.


Do you feel that you don't deserve for someone to be with you who would take this kind of risk?


The WB can't tell you WHERE it is but if your Dr feels you may not be H2+, why does she feel that way?


Here's the info for the WB... call the clinic. They charge $5/min for consult. I think it would be a good investment to call them and tell them your story and see what they say. Let us know how it turns out :)


Dr. Lisa Taulbee at the Westover Heights Clinic,http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678 ... she can order the test for you through Quest Labs.

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Thanks so much! I will calk tomorrow and definitely let you know :)


I think the doctor wasn't convinced I have it because my flu symptoms were about 2 months after having sex, my rash didn't look typical, and I also had a different looking rash on my chest at the time. It is very possible I have multiple things going on at once lol. I wonder if h could trigger other autoimmune disorders I could have possibly had. Thanks for the support and I am very excited to finally speak to a specialist.

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