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Here we go!

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Hello everyone!

I have just, as of two weeks ago, been officially diagnosed with HSV2. I have cried about it a couple of times, especially when I first starting having symptoms (timeline to follow), but all in all.. I'd say I have handled this all pretty well. The first thing I did was GOOGLE, GOOGLE, GOOGLE. I read every single damned page I could find that had ANYTHING to do with herpes. I read success stories, I read advice, I watched videos, and did anything in my power to keep myself from letting this virus get the best of me. That was honestly the best decision I could have made - to immediately surround myself with information and support.


My timeline (I hope this doesn't cross any boundaries, trying to keep it PG)

In June, I met a guy - we will call him C. We started sleeping together. He is a WONDERFUL, caring man who has become one of my best friends, and supports me through everything (including this).

The beginning of July, however, an online friend of mine was in the city - D. I met up with him for dinner.

We ended up, er.. "shacking up" later that night. Due to certain circumstances, I ended up with a tear in my skin.. I'm assuming that was what sealed my fate.


The next two weeks were utter and complete HELL. I have never, ever in my life been in as much pain as I had been during my first outbreak, not to mention it was during that time of the month! (Sorry if that scares anyone). I was upset, I was hurt, I was confused. Both of these men claimed they knew nothing about what was going on with me.

C and I actually continued on with our sexual relationship even after my initial OB because we had figured if I had it, he had it. (Really dumb in retrospect). He got tested once, it was negative. He got tested again yesterday - as I explained to him how there is a chance of the antibodies not being present yet.. etc. We will find out those results soon!

D, however.. seems to not be rushing to get tested. It has been two months..

I then left my city for work, for a month.


My blood tests came back negative. Both types of HSV, both times. Thankfully, my doctor was able to take a swab and I knew what it was going to say - positive.


So here I am. Positive with HSV2 at 22 years old.

Thankfully, it isn't even remotely as scary as the stigma seems to imply! Thank GOODNESS. When I found out what herpes really was, I was RELIEVED that that was all that I had! I was so afraid it was so much worse!


If you want to talk to me about my experience, if you have questions for me personally, or if you need some advice.. throw me a line. I am here for anyone who needs. We can make it through this together. :)



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How refreshing to see someone who has worked through the initial diagnosis phase so quickly! I got it at 17 but back then the stigma wasn't even on my radar... it just didn't exist like it is today. At 53 I can say it's barely a blip on my radar now 99% of the time.


Sounds like D is your culprit ... and that you need to have a real talk with C about protecting him and his risks. You may want to print out the handout for him just so YOU can know you have made sure he is properly informed so you can be ok with his choices should he ever come up H+.


Otherwise, GOOD FOR YOU! Great to have a young person on here who is so grounded about this. We definitely have a lot of college age people on here who could use the support of someone closer to their own age than an old fart like me...LOL ;)


Welcome Aboard!



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I am thinking so, too. He is acting all, "wow, my life is over. I'm just gonna marry you. Nobody will ever sleep with me again." But I am pretty sure it is just a facade.

I educated C and continue to do so every time I find out more information.

I'd love to be here for younger people to talk to as I know it is sometimes nicer to have someone who can relate a little closer.


Thank you! I am glad to be surrounded by wonderful people like you :)

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He is acting all, "wow, my life is over. I'm just gonna marry you. Nobody will ever sleep with me again."


Tell him theres a great community that he needs to join (H OPP!) because as long as he buys into the stigma and believes that, he has the potential to do this again, believing the only way to find love is to make sure his partner gets it. Having H as your mutual compatibility isn't a good reason to get married :(

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@jennie Oh, I cried. I freaked out for the first bit. I was upset, confused, hurt.. Both physically and emotionally LOL. But.. These are the cards I was dealt. This is half my fault - if I would have used protection, if I would have been smarter. If HE would have told me, if he knows.. A lot of things play into this - I am just lucky enough to have actually had an outbreak. "Lucky" because I know - and now I can take all precautions to not spread it on to someone else. I am LUCKY for not getting something far worse.

I put myself at risk of tetanus constantly when I go out adventuring on abandoned farms.. And trust me, I'd rather have herpes. :p

Having all of the support on this site makes it feel so surreal, by completely abolishing the stigma. All of a sudden, thanks to HOpp, you don't have something "bad" or something "gross". You're just you, like you were before. :)

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