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Second herpes outbreak as bad as the first outbreak?

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Can your second herpes outbreak be as bad as the first outbreak? My first herpes outbreak was about a month ago, and was awful. I had (all at once) strep throat, yeast infection, bacterial infection, and then what I found out to be my first herpes outbreak. I'm only 20 and have only had sex with 2 people, so to find out I was herpes positive was devastating.


I've been dealing with everything the best I can so far, but my second outbreak is coming and I'm not sure how I'll be able to handle all these emotions and the pain at the same time again, after having my first outbreak not long ago. The man I got it from didn't know he had it and still has not had his first outbreak, even though he's tested positive as well, so I can't ask him how his outbreaks have been. I feel trapped in a body that I can't control, and it's completely depressing, I'm just hoping for some guidance and information to feel somewhat normal. Any advice will help. Thank you!

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For the first few outbreaks as your body gets a handle on having the virus, you may want to seek out getting a prescription for an anti-viral like acyclovir or Valtrex. You can do episodic therapy to give your body the boost it needs in these early stages to help it protect itself. Depending on your overall health, your body will naturally begin to shield your system from the virus as time passes. It will build up more and more antibodies as time goes on to keep the virus under wraps. Here's a blog post on medication:


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