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NOT got herpes? Really?

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Well this is odd. Had outbreak of blisters on penis - foreskin and just until the head - back in late May, went along to GUM clinic where the doctor confidently diagnosed it as herpes. Swab came back negative but told that was quite common and it being the UK they won't do the blood test to type it on the NHS. So I waited a good 5 months post the likely exposure and got a private blood test done, to establish type as it is of relevance to my relationship. Lo and behold, the results come back negative! Like, really clearly negative, not even approaching the borderline IgG score. Following some detailed consultation with Dr Google I find that occasionally thrush can cause proper blisters which look pretty similar to herpes - and I do have recurrent and sometimes quite severe thrush. Is this the explanation? I find it hard to believe that a specialist GUM doctor would so confidently get it wrong - I did tell her about my thrush but she dismissed it. Thoughts, folks?

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Could be thrush, or heat rash? If a swab is negative id want to believe that as a swab is mor accurate than blood.

i knew a guy who swore it was thrush and turned out to be herpes, so i dont see why in your case it couldnt be the other way around!?

of it occures again, i personally would get a second opinion from a different doctor if u could, andd request another swab!?

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There are a lot of things that can cause blisters ... friction, soap in poorly rinsed clothing (ie, contact dermatitis), thrush, etc. So seeing as she dismissed the Thrush, did you ask her what SHE thought of the mixed diagnosis/symptoms seeing as she was so confident it was H when you first went in?


In the end, you may not know what it was, but sounds like the test was conclusive. Unfortunately you can't get the Western Blot over there (which is the Gold Standard) but if you are still concerned, wait another 3-4 months and have one last blood test ... if your numbers have not risen then it would be safe to say you are H- ... and had a mystery blister :/



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