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Hey Everyone,


It's been about a month since I've checked in here and just over two and a half months since my diagnosis...I just wanted to thank this forum again because I was a mess the first month of my diagnosis and this forum really helped me. Herpes may have been the best thing to happen to me because the past month I've removed toxic relationships from my life, started putting my needs first, got into therapy, have been thinking more positively, and was able to reconnect with the love of my life who I so foolishly let go of but all things work out, not just as they should, but when they should, & he is 100% OKAY with my diagnosis, thinks im just as beautiful and attractive, and still wouldn't have me any other way. I hardly cry about Herpes anymore and barely think about it now. I know I'll still have my days but just wanted to let everyone know I'm doing good and Herpes is no longer ruling my life like it did for an entire six weeks. I am happy and Herpes is no longer a burden but just a little skin thingy that pops up that taught me to love myself again because that is what is most important at the end of the day.


Thanks all.

<3 Lexi

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I know that alot of people like to dwell on the negative aspects of the internet, and I agree with some, but this site, and especially this forum trumps all of that. It is so much easier now days to communicate with others who share a common interest. The stigma around herpes being what it is drives most people into isolation when in reality they are far from it. I know for my first decade of the journey that it is where I was at. It is a blessing to be able to annonamously meet others at first to talk this over and find out you are really part of a bigger community. I'm sure that those who attended the recent herpes opportunity weekend will agree, meeting face to face with others was a revalation. @Im44, you've traveled light years in less than 3 months, way to go! The stigma is well on its way to being totally shattered. Soon everyone will realize its those people who drive Smart cars you really have to be aware of...

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Awesome!! And well said well said. That's how we all are when we first get diagnosed. I don't think anyone here has done the tap your heels in the air jump when hearing that we caught what we thought was the worst thing that can happen to us. But most of us overcome that and I'm almost too months, but sadly some do let it get to them going insane over a skin condition. It's life it's normal herpes invades almost 90% of the US at some point so your a minority not having any type and it can happen to anyone. When I first heard those words I was like maaaannn your crazy I'm going in my shell and never coming out!!! But no way it isn't a done deal, it sucks n we may get down on ons, but what illness doesn't from colds to eczema. Thanks my friend and thanks to those who have chined me up to mostly @Dancer because she's an og :)

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