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How to clean when even water burns?

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Five years ago, while pregnant (& at a reg OBGYN baby type appt) I was swabbed for H. Test said neg. Later, blood work said yes. I don't really remember having an outbreak, but if the timeline of symptoms is true, I assume that I did.

Anyways, here I am, almost 6 years later with a very bad/sad/angry OB. I want to try and stay on a natural path. (1. Because that's what I believe in... & 2. Not real interested in expensive meds with potential scary side effects.) Step one being stay clean. But I have hit a wall. Obviously, urinating burns bad. I've read that using water may aid with this, HOWEVER for me, the water burns just a bad. It stings to the point of tears and I can't bring myself to... I guess, hurt myself. =\ how can I stay clean if I cannot stand to put water anywhere near my vayjay?! Please, please if anyone has any advice, help a sista out! I can't take it!

Also, is it possible to have H and not have an OB for 6 years? Perhaps this is my first OB? I'm still very confused with this all. Ahhhh. Breathe... lol. Thanks in advance for any and all answers!


<3 - HappyMommyWifeLife

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Hello and Welcome!


Yes it is ENTIRELY possible to have it over 6 yrs and not know. 15-20% of the population has genital HSV and 80% of them don't know it! I have a client who was married over 30 yrs before she had her first OB (you can imagine the drama there but thankfully the Dr helped them to both understand that it's very possible for it to remain dormant for a long time). These handouts and the e-book that Adrial has made should help you to get an understanding of how common H is and why most don't know they have it ;)


Handouts + disclosure e-book:



As for the burning, etc. I feel ya sister! Have you tried different water temperatures? Cooler may be better than warmer.


Check these links out for info on how to deal with the OB - the big thing is keeping it DRY .... and the epsom salts baths will hopefully soothe the area enough for you to keep it clean for now. Check them out and then come back if you are still having problems.







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Please take the Meds at least for outbreaks. U don't have to go on suppressives. Why do you want to suffer through it. Once ur body gains control of it u won't need the Meds


My perspective is (and tr only Meds in my life I take are Tylenol and its very rare) help your body feel better physically and it helps feeling better emotionally too.


It's up to you.


The Meds are pretty safe and side effects are typically headache or sleepiness. Not too bad!!!



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