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Ocular herpes

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Hi all


I wrote to this forum recently regarding risks of ocular H through self-infection

Well i am pretty sure i have it now since after touching my blister in my bath and then rubbed my eyes, they itch now, since a few days. It sucks and i am going to see an ophthalmologist tomorrow

Do you guys have any advices regarding ocular H ? Is it dangerous ? I didn't see any posts regarding it ? Do people with ocular herpes have frequent recurrences ?


I freak out so much

Thank you for your help

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First - BREATHE!


It's very, very unlikely that you passed it to your eyes if you were in the bath... soap and water tend to kill the H virus pretty quickly. The majority of OH is actually found in children who have HSV1 orally (up to 60% of young people have oralHSV1 by the time they are young adults - I got it when I was about 3 or 4) because they will pick at the sores and then touch their eyes ... so they are getting a lot of the virus on their hands and then rubbing it in.


*IF* you have it, the Dr will give you drops to help it go away ... and recurrances are pretty rare.... once again, Herpes (ESPECIALLY HSV2) doesn't like living outside of it's normal climate so it's not likely at all to want to live around your eyes.





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Hi Dancer


Your reply gives me some hope.

I freak out since there is a lot of probability that i have HSV1 (i received it through oral sex) and regarding my bath, there was no soap, only hot water... I touched the sores quite a long time under the water (stupid !) and then when i put my head off water, I stupidly forgot it and rubbed my eyes with the same fingers ! The virus can survive for a few seconds under water i guess ??

I feel now some ocular troubles (small but quite constant itching and they look more red than usual). i am afraid because i read scaring thing about OH !

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Odds are if you had not read anything about OH you wouldn't be freaking out right now. Because you are hyper-aware of your eyes now you will rub them, and by rubbing them you will irritate them more, and you get in a viscous cycle. A little learning can be a dangerous thing friend!


The water is definitely not a good environment for Herpes .... so again, try not to freak out while you are waiting for your appointment.



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Frenchman, I too worried that I had OH for a bit. however in what may have been the first time in history, looking up stuff on google helped. it is usually only in 1 eye, acts a bit like conjunctivitis ( pink eye, now everyone start blinking) it was my allergies. I hope you don't have it. its my understanding that even water is pretty harsh to the herpes virus, let alone all the chlorine that's put into it. fyi chlorine kills a lot of stuff at a very low level ppb. if I remember once I was told a couple capfuls of bleach in a bucket is sufficient to kill most viruses and germs. outside those nerves and ganglion inside our bodies herpes is rather lacking in fortitude. and dancer said h1 meaning having it at its preferred sight, thus lessening the time from touch to transmission. think about it my friend, if you could, in a pool or tub touch your sore and touch another person and give them herpes, far more people would have it. then none of us would be here cause it would just be part of being human.

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