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debating leaving forum

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first off, id like to thank everyone who has helped me in this, I am in a far better place with having HSV2 now than when I first came to this forum. I have enjoyed the banter, the humor and yes even the little bit of flirting. However, lately I have seen somewhat angry replies that seemed more personally directed at me. yes im a man, im an older man at that. I have some thought on things that don't match the current trends in my culture. I trust people to be who they say they are and when they aren't I take it personally ( im odd in that I expect people to live up to their own press). I am opinionated, sometimes wrong sometimes right. I have found it cathartic to help others and that's what keeps me coming back. plus I do like a good, directed logical debate and dancer your good at that, hugs. But I don't know, I feel like lately I have to bite my tongue, that being a male on here puts me in the minority ( of which im fine) but not always in a good way. that I offend people by my mere presence sometimes or by my not always going along with a "if it makes you happy at this moment then fuck the world" mentality. I tend to call a spade a spade and that doesn't go over well a lot of the times. im just not sure.

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Differing opinions are normal and no one has to accept te other, they just have to show empathy and compassion towards the other.


You are one of the frequent few men on forum and tr loss of u leaving would greatly impact the new men that come in.


I think u should reconsider....perhaps leaving temporarily may help

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I hear you. And I feel sad hearing your feelings about this. I hope you don't leave ... and I see all the value, humor and kindness you have brought to our community. This forum is an open space for all of us to be who we are, feel what we feel and honor one another in the process. It can be difficult at times when what people say might trigger something in us. It's how we respond to that and how we take it in that makes all the difference. And I want all of us to have our eye on this.


I don't police this forum in this way because I do believe that we are all adults and that we can work through whatever comes up. I have thrown people off the forum before, but only when they are outright dishonoring of other people and disrespectful. I don't stand for that in any way. Even when we may have a different opinion, we can still honor the opinions that differ from ours.


So I trust that whatever you're going through right now — even considering leaving community — that, too, can be held in community and can be heard.


So for what it's worth, I'm with willow ... I created this forum years ago for EVERYONE to feel included and to be supported in being totally and completely human. :) Through everything.


So thank you for bringing your truth, seeker. I certainly appreciate that. And I support you in whatever decision you make that will be most beneficial to you.

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@seeker -


I for one have not notices any "angry" replies (and I apologize if you have experienced my replies as angry ... because I can assure you that they are anything BUT angry! I'm only talking from my personal experiences and POV. ;) )


I have to run out the door to my office, but please, don't leave. We love you here. You bring a beautiful POV and fun to your posts. We would be poorer for you not being here



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ok, ok. ive been showered with roses so ill stay but I may not be on as much. gotta get out of the house or just away from herpes on occasion ( Ok that last part sounded odd). been making use of my local library to read and not health related books. lose yourself in a story books.


adrial I listened to about 1/2 of your for men talk. good stuff so far. I drank beer and ate chili just to improve upon the manliness. ill listen to the next half scratching myself and passing gas.

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