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Pain with erection/masturbation

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Hi all


I wanted to ask you something

I couldn't be diagnosized for H yet, since i only had a swab from inside my urethra and not from my sore which is located around my urethra. I mean I never had any blister, it is a small sore, with some red spots. I have been told inside urethra is close to the sore so the test would have detect H.. well i am not confident since i had the H symptoms with itching and burning feelings (all my other STD including yeast and bacteries tests are negative so i was expected a positive diagnosis with this H test.)

I am worried because i had this rash 4 weeks after my risk exposure only for a few days then 4 weeks after again but this time for almost 3 weeks ! (it was the worst with a lot of burning during a whole weekend) I never had sex after my risk exposure but when i masturbated recently and i care about waiting for the top of the penis to look normal again (maybe 4 days), my penis hurts, like i know it is still sensitive. I don't feel the pleasure in the same way than before because i feel some pain !

Is it normal ? Can masturbation trigger the pain ? How long do i need to recover ?


Thank you for your advices

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Hey @frenchman!


So first things first, i think u need to get "re-swabbed" cuz i know right now if a doc swabbed my inside, and thats not where the sore is/was it'll come back negative.


Also, its normal for any type of sexual activity to hurt if something else is going on. (Std, infection, bacteria, yeast, fishers, over masterbating... etc etc)


Have u checked if its thrush?




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I agree - go to a different Dr/clinic (try Planned Parenthood). Tell them how long this has been going on, and get completely re-tested..


Ans for the pain - well, uh. yeah. You have any kind of sore or injury to the penis it will hurt when you masturbate ;) But I get that you likely need a little release, so use LOTS of lube (not baby lotion or whatever) and try not to hit that spot where the issue is.... I've had to get pretty creative in the past when I've had OB's and had to take matters into my own hands so I hear ya over there!!!



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i am exhausted of all this tests

in France, you have first to see a doctor which tells you then to go to a laboratory for a swab and each time, it takes time..

i feel i give up, i lost some much energy, saw many doctors and i even don't know what i have

it's pretty suure it's H

@ Willow : i cheched everything, even thrush which was negative (it was taken from inside my urethra as well)

i can not believe i will have a sensitive and painful penis for the rest of my life

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HI Frenchman,

I told you yesterday you will not have all your live that feelings . The body will build up antibody's and your body will react in the future differently...give your body a bit more time to deal with that virus, things will change....the mind and the body will change at one point..HUG

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i can not believe i will have a sensitive and painful penis for the rest of my life


IF it's herpes, @Judith is right, you will eventually get antibodies to it and it will settle down. Modern man has come to expect all illnesses to be "cured" by a couple pills or a shot or an operation. We have forgot that our body is really good at dealing with most things IF we support it and have patience. Supporting it *may* include drugs but it may include diet/lifestyle changes or whatever too. But my point is, the odds are really good that this will get resolved sooner or later (more likely sooner... even if it's not soon enough for you!).


This is one of the issues of a Nationalized Health system. :(


Can you ask your Dr for a referral to a Urologist? Or maybe a Dermatologist? If the swabs keep coming back negative it may be something more like an Autoimmune issue or dermatitis or whatever...

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are blood tests available? and as a guy I can say that yes, ive had my friend rosie cause a few issues, even pre herpes. from friction sores to other things. I passed a kidney stone and then did the deed the next day and lets just say it wasn't as pleasant as I wanted. it will calm down, right now you have something going on and from the description its near the barrels end. does it hurt/burn when urine hits it? if so then seminal fluid will also. use tea tree oil as your lube then your killing 2 birds with one stone. ( that was a joke, im not sure how it would do as a lube other than being expensive).

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