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Newly diagnosed and terrified

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Went to my doc last week, dealing with pretty typical issues stemming from ovarian cysts. We decided I was due for a thorough workup including STD screen. I expected nothing would come of it so I am still in shock that my doctor called me 3 days ago to let me know I am positive for both HSV 1 and 2. It keeps sinking in over and over again. I have not been able to sleep since then and I am not even scraping by at work. I got up and walked out this morning, I was so unable to cope. I am so in shock because I have NEVER had symptoms!!! I am so scared about what all of this means.


I am currently in the early stages of seeing somebody, very new, we have not been intimate yet. I was immediately upfront and honest with him. Told him in person the day after I found out. He was so understanding at first but after spending the next day being overloaded with too much information from the damn internet, he is now unsure, and I am not educated enough to convince him otherwise, being completely in the dark. I may lose him if we cannot reach an understanding.


I feel so many things right now: Filthy, ashamed, guilty, dirty, untouchable, unlovable, lost, uneducated. . . I feel like some kind of whore trash is what I feel like. I want a do-over! I am burying myself in shame and I cannot get out.

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Hi there @ShaeShae


First - BREATHE! I'm a 35 yr veteran and I've done pretty well. You will get through this. Yes, it's a shock, but 80% of people with H don't know they have it. Just be grateful that the Dr actually did the Herpes test as most don't (which is one of the reasons so many don't know they have it because they don't know they have not been tested :( )


I agree - get him on here. And if your Dr seems knowledgeable and compassionate, ask if you can have a consult with him and the guy. And you can print out the handouts and show him the video below..


I had a guy I started dating ... when I first told him he went into total freak-out for a month. Thought he was done, but his Dr talked to him and told him how common it was and a bunch of facts and he finally calmed down ... we were together for 3 yrs and broke up for a totally different reason.


And regarding all the negative things you are thinking about yourself ... if that is so, then 15-20% of the population is just as horrid as you.... including me (and I got it during my first sexual experience :p ). I got HSV1 orally as a child at age 3, and HSV2 in my first sexual experience. Talk about UNFAIR! But really, it's barely a blip on my timeline now.....


Start with the info below - I'll get on later to help you through this ...ok?


Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video
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Soooo many people have hsv1. Like 80% or more. And most ppl get it when theyre kids.

As for hsv2 yeah its a shitty deal of cards at first, but you'll hit jackpot in no time! And that IS a promise!

All the facts and stats that adrial and dancer give is 100% accurate, make sure you look at a few success stories, theyll help you both out!


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