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I'm not sure where I break out

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When I got diagnosed at the beginning of August, I had a single sore on my vagina. It was a bit painful but it went away. However, since my diagnosis, I've been having an uncomfortable feeling in comparison to a yeast infection. I read that this could mean i am breaking out in my cervix? Has this happened to anyone else? It's just been over a month and it hasn't completely gone. I'm not sure if this is my first OB or what is going on. I'm taking acyclovir but I want to wean off it. I got tested for all other STDs to make sure there isn't another cause. Everything came back negative and it's been a year since I last had sex so I'm sure there's nothing else.

I'm just uncomfortable on some days. I'm starting to think that chocolate is a trigger for me.

Any ideas on what I can do to make this go dormant already? Is it normal to have this for so many weeks? My doctor isn't really helpful about it. He just explained the whole nerve endings and pain process which I already understand.

It's just so weird bc I don't see any sores anywhere. Oh and I'm also taking lysine supplements and vitamins.


Any info would be great. Thank you!

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well, first off I don't have a cervix so I cant speak to that part. but im about 1 1/2 months from diagnosis and ive had more symptoms since then than I did in what I know believe was the previous 11 months of having it. ( doctor thought I had mono with a bacterial infection). stress can be a big part of triggering OBs and finding out one has it can be quite stressful. I went thru a whole "can I give it casually to my kid?" phase that had me neurotically washing my hands and nuking my boxer area with peroxide. fyi, that stuff is cold when you spray it on. then I had a kidney stone ( I think/hope cause if that was prodome, holy urinary pain batman!) and am now having bumps show up. lots of stress, oh did I mention I have a bunch of dipspits above me at work?


I think dancer has mentioned that at one time chocolate was a trigger for her ( egad a woman who cant have chocolate!! now that's a scary thought) but it passed with time.


I personally am not taking the antivirals cause im trying still to figure this out. I have them for episodic and can go suppressive with a phone call, but that requires someone interested in a relationship so......


im hoping that my body will learn to deal with it, I can figure it out and that if I take the anti virals they will kick it in its teeth.


as far as forcing dormancy, never heard of anything doing it, just letting it run its course and staying as comfortable as possible.

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@MG0301 When I was diagnosed, I was dating a man who knew he had it so we knew what to be on the lookout about for me. I did get diagnosed eventually and we continued having sex. A short time after that, sex began to hurt -- a lot. First it was just some discomfort but it legit became extremely painful. Once it got to that point we saw my doctor who examined me and said I did have an outbreak up in there and sex had caused an ulster. Which was causing the horrible pain. Sex did not bring on the internal OB but it did cause the excruciating pain. I have not had anything internally since and it really did take about 2 months for me to feel 100% again. I stopped dating that person as well and I think that helped since it gave me time to not mess around with the healing process. I've also had sex since without any kind of discomfort, which was a relief.


Honestly, stress is a major trigger for me. It would make little OBs last longer and come back way sooner than I'm used to (with my body, of course.) Also, part of the reason I accepted being a carrier of HSV2 so soon was worrying about it made it so much worse! Its still a daily struggle but I am open with all of my family and fiends and crack jokes about it as much as possible. You're lucky you sound this site so soon after being diagnosed, I've been positive for well over a year and after coming here, feel incredibly better about everything having to do with this condition.


It gets easier, I promise. :)

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I had a a whole wack of itchy going on down under, and the doc swabbed, poked a pride all over and did another pap test and everything was negative! The only thing that helped was a good dose of naproxen and lydocain. Epson salt baths helped too i ended up havin a soak prob 2 or 3 times a day!

It did finally go away... 3 weeks later! Uhg!

And so far.. knock on wood... i havent experienced the same itch since!

Maybe ask ur doc if it could be a bacterial infection or a yeast infection. If not... try the baths!

I hope you feel better soon!

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Also, what @Seeker said, just gotta let it run its course. I kept waiting for a year to pass because thats what I read was always the time frame you experience more OBs. Within six months, I was passed the worst of it. Its just giving your body time to adjust, especially being female where we have a whole bunch of stuff leveling out on a monthly basis.

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Thank you everyone. Yes, I see the best option is to let it run its course. Ughh, it just feels never ending... It would be somewhat easier accepting this if I didn't feel uncomfortable so often -__-.

@willow, I was on doxycycline for a week. So if I had anything bacterial, that would have taken it away. I'm definitely going to try the salt baths. Maybe that will help some.

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The doxycycline could have caused a yeast infection (ie, fungal) ... so it wouldn't hurt to get it looked at, find out if it's that or perhaps OB's in the vagina.


Check these suggestions out for relief in the meantime:





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