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one outbreak

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So I acquired HSV over two years ago. My outbreak was a complete MONSTER, lasting almost a month and very painful. I know pain, I've had a child And a kidney stone, not a wuss here....anyways, I've never had a second outbreak. My doctor said it didn't matter which strain I carried, so he said don't bother with the blood test (I was swabbed). Have any of you had a one and only outbreak? I hope to never have another one.

Ps-Listened to the podcast on the front page, the discussion between Adrial Dale and the host of the authentic man program. I'm so impressed with Adrial and his character. If you read this, you are a shimmering star.

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Hello and Welcome!


I personally feel that it's worth knowing simply because if you date someone and you have one type, and they have another, then if you know that you know what precautions you need to take for each other.


Ie: If you have HSV1 - you likely got it from Oral sex ... (given you had on eOB, it's highly likely this is what you have.) 80% of the population has oral HSV1 - if you date someone who has had "cold sores" then they have *some* immunity to H1 ... AND H1 sheds a lot less. So how you approach it would likely be a little different than if you have H2 genitally and they have H1 orally.


You can go to Planned Parenthood or a STD clinic for the test .... some have sliding scale if you don't have insurance. To a Dr they are the same thing ... but the practicality of living with it is a little different...... ;)



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Well, it IS no big deal to a Doctor ... they deal with life and death stuff and to them this is just an inconvenient skin condition. But somewhere along the line they are not being educated about the mental health issues that come with the stigma and the challenges we have with dating with H. It's something we here at H Opp hope to address in the not-too-distant future ;)

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