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Great success!

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I've known this guy since I was 13. I moved away when I started high school but we kept in touch regularly. A couple months ago we really started skyping a lot, and we decided he should come stay with me for a couple weeks to visit, plus we were considering pursuing something romantic since I'll be moving back to where he lives quite soon. So I knew I needed to tell him about my status in case we had sex while he was here. That was a daunting task for me because while I've had a positive outlook about this whole thing since I've had it, I haven't been able to come out yet to a partner. I usually find a way to end the relationship before it comes to that. I am not a big risk taker ;)

So we were skyping one night and I said there was I needed to tell him that might make him reconsider us (WRONG way to go about that, I know). And I got pretty sad. I almost cried. He said the usual stuff about nothing would change his mind etc. but I still couldn't bring myself to say it. I kept dropping hints though, and eventually he GUESSED it! Shoot! He said, "does it rhyme with beef jerky?" And then he LAUGHED AND LAUGHED and told me how silly I was being by getting so worked up over that. He didn't care. He didn't even have any questions. Later, after we'd been intimate a few times and I mentioned being worried about giving him herpes, he said he wouldn't be mad if that happened and just to stop worrying about it. :)

He is crazy about me and his response was actually the exact thing I'd always hoped for but never really imagined I'd get. He just went home a few days ago, but he's coming back for the holidays, then I'll be moving back in February. We skype every day and Im just really ecstatic lately :)

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Thank you for joining and taking the time to tell your story here.... yet another example of the fear being far worse than reality! And it shows the value in "risk taking" ;)


Beautiful to read this, and so happy for you....


Hey folks! 101 Success Stories on here (and I'm sure there are a few more that slipped through the cracks as they may have started in a different category!) AND nearly half of them have been posted since I joined last November ... Yeaaaahhh baby!!!





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