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Post outbreak scars and residual irritation / pain

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So it has been about a month since the healing started and I began to feel relief from a pretty bad outbreak. The sore itself was so small but I think the main issue was the location . Anyway, it left a small red scar and I still feel tender / sore in that area at times . Anyone have this before and if so what is the best way for the pain to finally go away for good and finally HEAL!!!!?!? I'm on suppresives and take pre Natals, vitamin c , and a few other supplements that are good for herpes. The sore itself has been gone for over a month , why do I still feel it . It's giving me anxiety . 2 diff gynos checked it and said just to give it time. But I feel like some days are worse than others . I just don't want to think about it anymore . I hate that I can still feel it. I know , it could be worse but it's had ample time to heal . I don't understand . :/

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hey lady. ive had a couple of bumps show up in odd areas ( 1/2 way to belly button and inside thigh) . some I didn't even know if they are herpes or not and when they popped ( self popping no less) they have left a red splotch there for some time. stll there as a matter of fact and its been 2 weeks minimum since popage ( I don't care if its not a word its fun to say, popage popage popage). whereas ive had sores appear, pop and notta 2 days later. couldn't even tell they had been there. I will say it looks like they are not as big a splotch so....... I don't notice any sensations there yet the ones that completely cleared up I do. I would give it time. ive had other injuries that took months for the splotches to clear.it may have to do with the depth? I don't know. im just thinking on other non herpes injuries.

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Scar tissue isn't "regular" tissue ... and it usually takes the body awhile to replace it with normal tissue ... so as the doctors said, you just need to give it time. Maybe try Aloe Vera CREAM (and make sure that Aloe Vera is one of the first ingredients and that it's not filled with crap like glycerin.... this one here is a good choice: http://tinyurl.com/Aloecream) It will help with the healing process ... Aloe is very soothing to traumatized skin ;)

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This is the first time this happened to me. Longest most annoying ob ever ... Other than the first ,... The spot it was in is just terrible . Walking was the worst . Thank God it's over with and I pray I don't get another one like that ever again. Thank you for all ur help and support everyone! I ordered the aloe cream that dancer suggested . I have high hopes for it . I used neosporin pain relief cream as directed by my Gyno ... Didn't feel much relief . It's not bad just an annoyance . A physical and mental painful reminder , if you will.

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Hi all,


I have a question about scarring.


My initial outbreak was on the inside of the vaginal opening so I never saw it. I continued to get outbreaks in the same location since the initial outbreak (July 2013). Not too many, maybe 4 since the initial and the pain was much less intense and only lasted a day or two. I was not on antivirals because I was not sexually active.


In December of 2014 I experienced an outbreak on my backside (how do I politely say this?) on the right side near the top. It was very painful, just like my initial outbreak. It has taken over a month to heal and during that time I have had an equally intense outbreak on the left side of my backside and on both the left and right side of my lower, outer labia. I started daily suppressives (Valtrex) just after the outbreak in December.


So a few questions:


1. What the heck is going on?

2. Has anyone else experienced this change in location over a year after diagnosis?

3. The area on the right side has scarred. I thought outbreaks weren't supposed to scar? Other than aloe vera cream is there anything else I can do?

4. The answer to this may seem obvious but can I have sex even though the scars are still there?

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