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OB healing info ???

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when having an OB is it a good I idea to put cream on the sore, when I was diagnosed with Herpes the doctor said to use any antibiotic cream to heal the pain a bit. My OB are usually are so far only two sores right next to each other on my left vulva lip. Does putting cream heal it faster because I read some info that said its better to keep it dry down there while having an OB to heal it faster. Is this true?

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My question would be this: Why would your doctor recommend and antibiotic cream when we're dealing with a virus?


As far as dealing with the sores; I find that cleaning the area several times a day with hydrogen peroxide is a great way to keep the sores clean and accelerate the drying out. Also, carry alcohol swabs with you. They are portable and allow you to clean the area when you are out and about.

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personally I like how peroxide bubbles. I know its ripping the virus a new one and I just do my evil guy laugh while stroking a cat, bwahahahaa.


seriously look up how peroxide works, its like wmds on germs and viruses.


I may try the alum stuff tho cause having the bumps go away quickly seems to me to help with the stress of having sores.

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after every shower I spray the area down and let it sit while I dry off the rest of me. then I take a washcloth to pat off the peroxide. if you have the time and patience to let it dry or do the blow dryer thing go for it. be forewarned tho, peroxide bubbles for lots of things so its not only or even the virus but it is fun to think it is. oh and it can be cold. a 1$ spray bottle and a $ bottle of peroxide go a long way. I also use tea tree oil and sometimes aloe, thou im in florida and everyone has aloe growing in their yard I can borrow.

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when they are gone ill tell ya. :) it seems to be about a week. unfortunately I seem to get a new one as the old ones are fading away recently. im blaming what I think was the kidney stone causing major stress. well and the dumbarses above me at work.

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@WhiteDasies: Apply the Hydrogen Peroxide to a fresh cotton ball and then apply it to the sores and hold it there. After a few seconds, you will feel it bubble and tingle, so you now it is working. After a few minutes of that, feel free to then scrub the sore with the cotton ball to satisfy the itch. Then let the area air dry. When you get dressed, dump some baby powder down the front of your underwear to keep it dry.


Carry a small bottle of baby powder and some alcohol preps to apply this treatment throughout the day.

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Baby Powder is a bad idea for women - there *seems* to be a link between that and Ovarian Cancer .... the studies are mixed but I would suggest using something else like corn starch....


Thing is, baby powder/corn starch doesn't stop sweating or whatever... the best remedy is to wear loose clothing, cotton if possible, commando is better (sorry @seeker!) when at home ... and let the AIR get to the area... I find when I do that, mine heal up very fast....that. combined with Alum (which dries it up nearly over night) stops mine in it's tracks

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