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No warnings just pain- food related?

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Normally I get the predomes, itching, irritation and then maybe pain which is what prompts me to take meds and confirms and outbreak but no blister appears.


This time I just got the throbbing pain at night and felt uncomfortable and before morning knew I was going to need to take meds. But this time there are small white patches, not raised or oosing just white and raw feeling again skin or clothing.


I get H can behave different but I'm trying to figure out if this was food related. Obviously I know because I have been stressed and felt run down lately it was bound to happen but still have a food question.


I have been having protein shakes in the morning for about 3 weeks, I know this can contribute to outbreaks but this is the first I've had since having the shakes.


Would it have happened quicker if it was the shakes rather than taking 3 weeks?


I know it's likely to be a combination of things but wondered if it's more likely to be a quick reaction to foods or one of those you never really know things?



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Imo... i think its stress related. Cuz if it was the shakes youd probably feel it comming in sooner than 3 weeks.

Im saying this because, ive had celiac disease my whole life, (no wheat rhy barley malt) and since being diagnosed with h, ive realized that i get prodromes/symptons (no o.b.) when ive come into contact with wheat gluten. reminds me to be more carefull at restaurants.

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@willow - you are reminded about wheat because it's in direct contact with the area that is irritated by it...


It's possible that it took 3 weeks for enough Arginine to build up in your body @Helzbelz to cause an OB. Your only way to find out is to go off them till it clears, and then take them again EXACTLY like you did this time around. If you get an OB, that is your culprit.


Now, if that is the cause, you can try taking larger doses of L-Lysine to see if that helps to off-set the imbalance ... or eat more foods with L-Lysine....


It's not just a matter of eating foods that are high in L-Lysine ... many that are high in Lysine are also high in Arginine ...


This table may help you:





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You have Celiac - when you come in contact with wheat/whatever, it will cause a flare in the Celiac and therefore also put stress on your system so it's more likely to cause an immediate herpes OB on you.


I'm saying it's possible for someone to eat something for several weeks in normal situations before it starts to cause OB's ... especially if the lysine/arginine balance isn't too bad ... it may take time for the Arginine to build up in the body to a point where it could cause an OB.


Again, everyone is different in how the body deals with this stuff... any time that someone has a possible "allergic" reaction to a food, one way to determine the offending food is to remove it entirely from the diet for at least a month ... then add it back in. In @Helzbelz's case that would be the best way for her to determine if the shakes are the problem.

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