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What the (h) is going on??

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So I've been diagnosed for about two months now. Since my initial ob, I've had one tiny other ob (literally one bump) that lasted two days. I'm on acyclovir 2x a day. Lately I've been getting pains and tingles as if something is gonna happen, but when I check things out there's nothing going on...So my question is, is it possible to have signs and symptoms without ever experiencing an actual ob?

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Yes. When the virus is becoming active you may experience prodrome, a series of signs and symptoms that indicate an outbreak is imminent. However, as your body learns to handle the virus, prodrome does not always lead to an outbreak. Also, consider that, especially so soon after your diagnosis, you will become hyper aware of your "bits" and may mistake tingles or itches that you barely noticed before as H related.

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Thanks @greeneyes87 and @wcsdancer2010 :) so should I just wait about 6 months until I even consider having sex?? I'm dating someone right now who is h- and obviously I will disclose when the time comes but is it safer to wait until I build a stronger immunity?

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You can go on antivirals for suppressive therapy, (sounds like thats what u r doing anyways) i take one vacyclovir 500mg daily to help lower transmission rates to my bf.

that way you can still protect your partner.

F - M transmission is 4% - with supressive its cut down 50-80% depending on the person.

so about 2% or less.

M-F transmission is 10% -with suppressive its cut down 50-80% depending on the person.

about 5% or less.

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Wellll he doesn't yet :/ that's something I'm trying to build up the courage to tell him but he's a great guy so I feel like it won't be an issue (fingers crossed). But I read that transmission is also possible if there is skin contact so how does sex work if there's no skin to skin contact lol?

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So the virus is passed via skin to skin contact.

its not transmittable thru your blood or other bodily fluids as it live in the nerve.

so every time you have sex there is only a 4% transmission rate, (unless using antivirals and or condoms)

Theres roughly a 2% chance of getting in a car accident every year, but does that stop you from getting in a vehicle?


As for disclosure, check out all the success stories here, theres no right or wrong time. Just as long as he knows before you do engage in sexual relations.

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Certainly during your first 6 months-year, you are more likely to have OB's and shed ... but as mentioned, the anti-virals and condoms can lessen that a great deal. So I would suggest that you take getting sexual very slowly even after you disclose ... which can be a LOT of fun building up to a point where you feel safe in your understanding of your signs/prodromes AND getting to know the guy well enough to go there.


You have H2, so you can certainly have oral play as H2 doesn't like to head north ... and you can use this time to learn about each other's bodies.... so when the time comes, it should be some pretty damn good sex ;)


AND, in that time, if you end up realizing it's he's not the person you thought, or you drift apart, then you have less invested. H is a GREAT wingman that way ;)








http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/3309/successful-herpes-disclosure-but-not-for-the-reasons-you-might-think (Herpes Wingman example Mazedaze818 )

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Wow thanks for that last link @wcsdancer2010! That was an amazing post as well as an eye opener! It really makes me realize I need to make sure he and I are on the same page about a real, committed relationship first before any further steps are taken. We were already friends for about a year before we started dating so we know each other pretty well but it is a little different once you start dating.

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