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Hopefully just paranoia, but I have to ask

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Hey everyone, I haven't been on for awhile. I've been really busy with my work lately. My status is currently uncertain. I have had 1 positive HSV2 test and 1 negative HSV2 test after that. I still need to get a Western Blot as Dancer recommended, but I haven't made that call yet.


I've been seeing a woman who is genital HSV2 positive. We've been holding off on getting intimate until I get the Western Blot test done. She is very respectful of my situation. Well, tonight things got physical for the first time. We ended up dry humping (with our clothes on), but I put my finger inside her vagina. My hand doesn't have any cuts I'm aware of. She also stroked my penis with her hand. I didn't think there was any risk of transmission with any of this, but I ended up googling it and found some mixed results. So I decided to pose the question to you, the real experts. Do I need to be worried about this? I feel very bad about this. I wasn't ready and caught up in the moment. I hope I'm overreacting here, but I still have to ask the questions to be responsible. Thank you for your time!

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Thank you inka. She didn't touch herself at all. I forgot to mention other details. She did have an outbreak last week and started taking valacyclovir. She said she felt better these past few days. Also her outbreaks are anal and we stuck to vaginal only. I know it was bad. I shouldn't have done anything sexually yet. I can't be involved with someone until I know my own status for sure.

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@seeker's comment from the duplicate (sorry for the confusion everyone):


was she having an OB? did you wash your hands before touching yourself anywhere? im no expert but at worse ( and its a long shot given what you said) you could get whitlow, maybe. but if she wasn't having an OB, is on suppressives and you had no cuts im guessing your fine. you certainly wouldn't get genital H2 from it.


I think its havefaith who has whitlow and im sure dancer has more info. heck im not even sure if its the same herpes at the moment and not a different species.

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Thank you @seeker. She was having an anal outbreak last week, but she had been on valacyclovir for 2.5 days and said it had cleared up. She has had HSV2 for many years, so it's not like it is a recent infection either. Yes, I certainly did wash my hands before touching myself after. @havefaith427 and @WCSDancer2010, what are your thoughts?

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Breathe friend! Her hands won't be carrying the virus (you said she didn't touch herself ... even if she had, it would still be a very minimal risk). It won't get from your hands through your system to your genitals and you say you didn't touch yourself. You say her OB's are around her anus so you were not near the "danger zone".....


So given everything you said, I can't see anything that I would be worried about. If H spread THAT easily EVERYONE would have it ;)



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Thank you so much Dancer. I have felt very irrational and upset about this all day. I did finally call the clinic and have an appointment to talk to a doctor there next week about getting the Western Blot test. Do you think I should wait to get the test done given yesterday's possible exposure or should I just go for it now? I just want to be sure it is accurate and didn't know if I should wait a certain amount of time or if that's just more irrational fear. Thank you for your kinds words and patience. I know I'm high maintenance!

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