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Why is there SO much MISLEADING information out there!

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So I was reading the paper today, a guy talking about his history of STD's, how it's so common nowadays, and he makes sure he gets checked all the time, but if the woman doesn't insist on using a condom he won't. Another woman commented that all STD's are treatable nowadays anyway.


This is pretty much the information I had growing up, it doesn't really matter if I catch something, I can go to the doctors get some meds and everything is ok!


So reading further, he claims he's had 2 cases of herpes. I'm sorry....how does this make sense?! To me, that reads that he got rid of his herpes.


I just think it's so misleading, and again, it's putting it out there that, STD's are no big deal, carry on sleeping around unprotected.


Really gets my back up! Particularly when I can be quite hard on myself, and I basically don't have sex because I can't be bothered to go through the conversation! Humph!


Rant over....

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As for the guy who had 2 cases of herpes... hes soo not understanding the virus!!!

Wait.. unless he means he got hsv1 then got hsv2. Who knows!

but the world and humans....Its disgusting! I totally get where ur comming from!

Thats unfortunatly how the world goes now...

fat? Get liposucction. - too skinny? Get lipocram.

Lactose intollerant? Theres a pill for that.

Headache? Theres a pill for that too.

no boobs? Get implants. - too much boob? Get a reduction.

limp? Buy viagra. - need to get limp? Im sure theres a pill for that as well.


Got an std? Theres meds for that...

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Have you thought about writing the Editor and pointing them to the Handouts here and maybe the CDC's website and letting them know that they are publishing incorrect information?




Herpes facts video




I think you could include that you wish to remain anonymous (maybe use a fake name anyway) but that you feel that it is their duty to publish a correction (or send them to me and I'll write an article for them that clarifies things ... honest.... I

ll do it ;) ) Send them to my blog


www.supporttruthanddialog.com ....


I'm dedicated to getting complete, correct info out there ... if you don't want to do this yourself, can you send me a link to the article (if there is one?) and the contact for the editor and I'll do it....


There is misleading info because noone is speaking up. Because the CDC is doing nothing to educate people. Because there are ugly people who troll and put disgusting stuff out there and there are ignorant people who buy into it. And until we take a stand and refuse to allow this kind of treatment, it will continue..... :(

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