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Hey guys,


I was wondering what the rule is in regards to touching genitals and washing hands. If a partner (or myself) was to touch me when I wasn't having an outbreak is it important for them to make sure they don't touch their own genitals/mouth/eye until they have washed their hands or does this really only apply if you are having an outbreak?


Also with spooning/cuddling I've read that its a good idea to have at least undies on. Is undies enough or is pants a good idea too?


LASTLY! When I have an outbreak I get what feel like ulcers on the inside of my mouth. Could they be coldsores on the inside of my mouth or is it more likely ulcers caused by the same stress that cause my HSV?

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Regards to washing hands... i mean sure! Practice safe cleansing, but you dont have to wash hands immidiatly after touching. Unless an o.b. is present or prodromes are felt.


As for cuddling... wear what you want!? Or dont wear what u want, clothes come in handy when the person is having an o.b. or prodromes, in which case pants may be a good idea.


Ulcers inside the mouth sounds like a canker sore, unrelated to hsv.

Canker sores are indications that somethig isnt right with your health via food allergy, too much salt, too much citris.. etc.. etc. When i get them i gargle warm water and salt.


Hope this helps a bit!


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If Herpes was THAT easy to pass, EVERYONE would have it ;)


As mentioned, use common sense. If you have an OB or Prodrome, then by all means wash hands more often and sleep with undies on. But if not, you should be fine... if you are not having an ACTIVE OB, it really takes sustained skin-to-skin contact/rubbing for the virus to transfer to another. Active OB's are shedding on steroids ( a LOT more virus present) so that it the time to be especially careful about more casual contact.


I also used to get mouth ulcers a lot ... but I've had them since before I got HSV2 ... yes, it's possible that it could be the virus, but it's very, very, very unlikely .... less than 1% of all oral herpes is HSV2 ... and of that 1%, it often shows up in the throat and not as mouth ulders ... Canker sores (as @willow said) are usually a sign of some other imbalance in the system, and like Herpes, stress is a HUGE trigger ... so it's not surprising that they come out at the same time ;)



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