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Seems the "Active ingredient" is Cupric ions ... which is some kind of Copper iron compound. It's possible it would work given the anti-viral qualities of Copper...


I don't see anything that worries me about it ... but I personally would still stick with what I use: Ammonium Alum ... ( you can get it on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc ) $13 with shipping, it will last forever (I think my bottle is about 20 yrs old at least), as opposed to $ 98.64 ....


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I am somewhat surprised it has not been discussed more on this forum. I have come across their website a couple of times in the last few days and am tempted to pull the trigger. I am newly diagnosed and my first outbreak has pretty much cleared. I am willing to spend almost any amount of money to lessen the impact on my life this pesky H thing may have.


I have ordered the Alum Dancer recommends but have not yet received it so will have to wait for when my (hopefully never) next ob shows up.

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Silly question.....what if I get no sores just pain....should I put that stuff on to reduce the shedding....does that make any sense?


Seems ridiculous, I just feel like I should be doing sthng!!!!!


I don't know how to fight this pesky thing if I can't see it and derm with 50 years exp said bumps are eczema and foliculitis so not contagious. Skin must be hyper sensitive now.


I want to feel like I am doing sthng to fight this shit but antivirals don't feel like they are doing anything......do antivirals decrease viral load even if we are shedding?



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I did purchase it (back in October 14), and have only used it 3 times, but it did cut the time down on the OB. I have had 4 OB since then and this last time I wasn't even aware that I was about to have one until it was too late so I haven't used it.


I've never experienced the nerve pain in my left leg until this OB (Ive had HSV2 since 2011) and boy was this one of the worst yet. I usually use tea tree oil if I feel itching or tingling, but Dynamiclear did help significantly.

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