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New to this after being long time lurker

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Hi everyone, I've been looking on this site as it will sometimes come up on google search when I'm googling like crazy about being normal/ future cures ect ect.

Abit of a brief, I've not been formally diagnosed, but my symptoms seem to match hsv2, not so much with outbreaks but tingling sensations ect, luckily I don't have to take medication as there Havnt been any actual outbreaks that I can't handle...and heard your immune system gets a handle on this more effectively if the valtrex isn't doing the work for it...so on that front so far so good, I also have a supportive, fantastic partner whose like "meh" since he is 30 he is confident we will be long term...sometimes he calls me the "herpmonster" and laughs about it that's how much he doesn't care so yay for me not facing the daunting task of disclosing...(he is clean he was tested) and my symptoms came after my ex a long time ago...basically on here for someone to tell me

1. I'm still normal

2. I won't infect my children, friends or family


3. That if I have another child it will be done (I would have a cesarean due to previously having one, and being to nervous to risk viral shedding)


I still hate having to be on here and continuously kick myself for exposing myself to something that. Could bring so much judgment to me and put my child's health at risk


Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for the response! Yeah the man thing I worry myself sick over is somehow infecting my children, like when they sit on my lap and google crazy like no it doesn't go through clothing ect. It's really hard to live with on my mind all the time.


I'm confident I have it, the test would be a matter of which type but I have heard type 1 is usually single outbreak/sensation...and the guy I was with before my current partner it all just adds up, I think seeing the actual result would make me worse...and I tell myself 90% don't know can't I be one of those people...I'm even still in my hope for a cure phase

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Hello and Welcome!


First - BREATHE friend! If Herpes was as contagious as you fear ..


I worry myself sick over is somehow infecting my children, like when they sit on my lap and google crazy like no it doesn't go through clothing ect.


... then the whole world would have it ... ;)


Remember, you are FAR from alone. So try this little exercise for me:


For the next week, when you are out and about, try to guess who has Herpes ... remember that 15-20% has Genital Herpes and 80% carries Oral Herpes ..... and 60% of young people have Oral H by the time they are young adults. So ... try to guess which of your friends, family members, co-workers, and people on the street have it. Now, odds are many won't KNOW they have it because they have never been tested ... but the statistics are there and one of the major reasons for the continued spread of the virus is the fact that most people don't know they have it ... the CDC says that the majority of new cases are from asymptomatic partners ;)




Yes: you ARE normal... well, as "normal" as whatever normal is ;)


No: It's near on impossible to infect your children with H, given that you have it Genitally. Normal hygiene like washing your hands after you touch your genitals (esp during an OB), don't share a towel during an OB if you can (in reality it's highly unlikely they would get it anyways as the virus dies pretty quickly outside the body all but "perfect" circumstances... ie: a Perti dish with perfect temp and moisture, etc), and wear underwear in bed if you snuggle with them....


Yes: You CAN have your child via vaginal birth EVEN THOUGH you had a Cesarean first. I had my first child by C-section (the Dr scared me into it even though I wasn't having an OB - found out later I didn't need to have had it :( ) .. changed Dr's for my second child and had a normal vaginal birth ... and that was before they had Valtrex.... standard procedure now is to take Valtrex for the last month of pregnancy to help you to not have any OB's when you are approaching your due date.


I assume you have checked out the Handouts and such but I'll post the links here so you can find them easily in the future ... as well as links to a couple of my blog posts that may help you to find some peace around having Herpes. I'm a 35 yr veteran ... I have a VERY normal life, 2 beautiful, grown H- daughters and a beautiful 3 yr old grandbaby. You can have all that and anything else you want .... promise :)





Handouts + disclosure e-book:






Herpes facts video


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Thank you so much! I think I just need someone to actually tell me. Haha yes when I'm having a bad day I walk around the shops counting 1 to 7 then herpes (I'm in Australia so the stats here say 1-8, but with women being twice as likely to be infected)

Thanks for the kind words :)

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