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dating a girl with herpes

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I just met a girl who is almost perfect for me, but she has herpes. I don't. It seems like the risks of me catching it from her is low while she is on her meds and not having an outbreak. But some sites tell me that others say different. I need some advice and facts. I don't need to hear that most people have the virus and don't know it, I don't need to hear about accepting her and getting to know the inner beauty. I am not shallow. I just don't want to dive in and contract the virus and then it doesnt work out and......

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Female to male transmission rates are about 4% per YEAR. And that's only while avoiding sex with an outbreak. Condoms further reduce the risk. Add antivirals and you're looking at a 1% chance in a whole year of sexual activity. The male genitals are less susceptible to the virus because there are less mucous membranes. I would say, get tested before you sleep with her so you're sure of your own status. You may already carry the virus. Also ask her how long she's had it and how often she has outbreaks. Ability to transmit decreases over time due to less viral shedding.

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Here are the statistics in an easy to read handout version, taken from RELIABLE sources ...


Adrial (Mr H Opp) is in close contact with one of the foremost Drs in HSV medicine and research, Dr Peter Leone who is often published in the New York Times and other papers and magazines around the topic of Herpes. This info can be confirmed through research of sites such as the CDC, Westover Heights, MedHelp... all trust worty Herpes resources.


Be careful about your sources... if the site doesn't have at least some kind of support/input from a Herpes Specialist, keep on clicking.... if the site is trying to sell a "cure" ... keep on clicking. If the site allows trolls and unsupportive dialog...keep on clicking. ;)


Abridged version of the stats of the risk per year assuming sex 2x/wk:


F-M transmission risk = 5%

Use a condom, 50% reduction of risk = 2.5%

Use anti-virals, 50% (or better depending on the study) reduction of risk = 2.5%

Use condom and antivirals = about 1%


Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video



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