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How many of you have transferred herpes?

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I am curious how many of you, or people you know, have transmitted the virus to your partner? I see a lot about the low risk of transfer to males and medication and so on. I would like to see the other side. I am trying to make a decision myself but when everything is about the positive and no negative I get a bit suspicious. If there is little to no negative great, but I need to ask.

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I have hsv2. Diagnosed january this yr. Had one hook up march or april... and to my knowledge he didnt get it and still doesnt have h. We used a condom.


Im now with my bf since june, im on anitvirals, no condoms, and so far bf doesnt have any symptons prodromes or o.b. but i want to encourage him to get a blood test next month just to make sure i havent passed it..


Some ppl still end up getting it. Iits a tricksy lil virus..

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Hello and Welcome!


I passed the virus to my now ex-husband ... but at the time (30+ yrs ago) there was little to no information on Herpes and I thought my *rash* was just that ... it wasn't until he was diagnosed that I learned of my status..... and it took about a year or two into our marriage for him to get it with LOTS of sex including when I was just getting over my "rash" or when I was uncomfortable but too horny to care ... :p


I've since had 2 BF's that I dated for about 3 yrs each - one I used antivirals, one I didn't (his choice) and to my knowledge neither got it from me.


The CDC says that the vast majority of cases are from people who are asymptomatically shedding .... and I would guess that most of them are in the 80% of those who are totally unaware that they have the virus, because those of us who know we have it will take extra precautions (anti-virals, condoms, and abstaining if there is *anything* weird happening down there) to protect our partners ... when we do all that, we can get the risk down as low as 1-2% for a female to give it to a male (4-5% male to female) which is about the same risk as getting pregnant while on BC or dying in a car accident in your lifetime ;)


If the virus was THAT contagious, a whole lot more people would have it ... sadly (and I was just as stupid as anyone here) even with the knowledge of the possibility of HIV, people still have sex with new/casual partners without condoms before discussing STD risks. IMO the biggest risk nowadays is the fact that most people don't know you can pass H from the mouth to the genitals (HSV1) via oral sex ... which is backed by the fact that 50% of all new genital cases are now in that category ... and given that 80% of the population had Oral H and 80% don't know they have it, you can see that our battle to slow the spread of H is more with the lack of education and ignorance. Those of us with H are more likely to have the conversations about STDs and take precautions than the rest of the population, which in a weird, twisted way, may make us "safer" to be with ;)


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