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Don't know if I have Herpes. Symptoms match but Doctors says no need to worry

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Hi Everyone.


First of all a big thank you to Adrial and to all of you lovely people(like WCS Dancer 2010) who are helping everyone by sharing their experiences and answering to the queries of confused people like me.


I am really confused for the past couple of weeks. I am 25 years old and have only had sex once and I used a condom (It was two years ago January 2012). I haven't had any symptoms until last year. In May 2013, I had a blister on my lower abdomen which my doctor said was due to an in grown hair. It was painful and after it bursted, I had some weird allergy around it which wasn't really painful but there were some rashes, which did burn a little and took a few days to heal. My doctor said it may be due to an allergy due to the ointment that I was using and gave me sofradex to apply on the rashes, which healed the allergy quickly. I never had any flu like symptoms or burning sensation while peeing, eye infection etc. back then.


Now in Mid-August 2014, I had some itching around my inner thighs and saw some rashes. When I googled for the reasons I came to know that it could be herpes. I am from India and you guys have no idea of how big of a social stigma herpes is in my country. Now, I don't know if it was psychological or not but I did start feeling some irritation in my eye and burning sensation while peeing(though haven't had flu or fever). This scared me and gave me shivers. I read on the internet that Herpes sores heal automatically after a few weeks. So, I kept on using sofradex on my sores but they didn't heal quickly and after 20 days or so when I was cleaning them with dettol in the morning they started burning badly. The whole day the rashes burned pretty bad. The burning stopped in the evening and it appeared that they would heal but there still was some redishness around my thighs even after some 7 days of that burning sensation getting over. There was also itching around my inner thighs. And then on the left side of my lower abdomen there were three red pimple like bumps. I read on the internet that if the rashes don't heal within 6 weeks, it could be aids but luckily I have already got an Elisa test done in March this year for getting a life insurance and it was negative.


Finally, I came across this wonderful website and saw some videos from Adrial which gave me a lot of courage to come out and visit a doctor. Last Monday, I visited a doctor(who specializes in Skin problems, aids treatment, and STDs) and he said that it was just a fungal infection. I frankly asked him if it was herpes but he said that it was just a fungal infection definitely not herpes. He gave me some meds and ointment. Now, the redishness decreased since the last week but I still have a little itching there. The three red pimple like bumps near my stomach healed but I got three new on my top right hand near the shoulder. I visited the doctor again but he again said there is no need to worry and the infection will doze off in the next 15 days. This is his website (http://perfectclinic.4docsearch.com/) and he looks like an ok doctor but I am still very worried. I am dealing with all these problems alone and haven't shared this with anyone.(Sharing really helps. Feeling a lot lighter already! Thank you guys)


The doctor has given me medicines for two more weeks and told me to visit again. What should I do? Should I visit another doctor or just follow his advice? I am really confused. Do you guys think I have herpes/any other std or am I just worrying over a fungal infection?


Thank You for reading through this.

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Go to ur doc and request a swab. They are he most accirate in testings so far.

also request a blood test type specific.


If the doc doesnt do as per requested. Go get a second opinion.


Im not saying it is herpes... but those are the steps to fi ding out for sure.

blood tests can have false results.. most accurate 3 to 9 months after possible exposure. (Mine was neg blood after 4 months. Possitive blood afyer 6 months)


It os very possible to be a different infection, like the doc origianally said.. fungal.. yest.. who knows. But dont stop trying to figure out what is going on!


Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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Hello and Welcome!


We had woman on here a few months back from India ... I wish she was still on ... it would be goof for you two to be able to share info.


Somehow it's not resounding as being Herpes to me ... but as Willow said, if you get another blister, I'd insist on getting it swabbed ... best to do in the first 48 hrs after it comes up though. The other thing would be to insist on a blood test for your peace of mind ... after 2 yrs you should have an accurate result. Do you have STD clinics there?


Have you had Chicken Pox? Wondering about Shingles.... though with is being so intermittent that doesn't sound right either.


The fact that you have it on the stomach, hand and other areas as well just makes me think you have an allergy/contact dermatitis or something else going on. I would wait at least a week, see how the meds work. If you are not getting results, either go back or get another opinion...


BTW, definitely don't use dettol down there ... that stuff is waaay too potent for that area!



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Hi @Willo and @Wcsdancer2010,


Thank you for your replies and the hugs (really needed them). I read a little on shingles and that looks like a possibility because I had chickenpox when I was little. I don't know if there is any STD clinic around where I live but I have found out a good doctor and have booked an appointment with him for today. Will share what happens today.


As both of you suggested, I will get a blood test just to be assured.


Thanks a lot again for all the help and guidance. You guys are the best. God bless you!

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Hi @Willow and @Wcsdancer2010,


I visited another doctor and showed him the rash and pimples. He says its not herpes but a fungal infection. I think I was worrying too much for no reason. The doctor has given me meds and I am hoping that the infection will be over in the coming weeks.


Thanks and loads of love to both of you,


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