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WTF??? because monkeys have skin problems at 900x the dose???

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Our Fukn Dumb Asses put the phase 2 trials on hold because monkeys got toxicity at 900x the dose??? guess what, water will kill you at a high enough "dose", its called drowning you ignorant jackasses. reading this pissed me off so much. why do I see big pharmas lobbying behind this?? whens the paten on the current antivirals run out?


I think I have rabies now because im foaming at the mouth.

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No one has to give up on finding a cure if they don't want to. Finding a cure would be great! I do believe that both can be held: Continue supporting the efforts to find a cure AND let's find acceptance with ourselves anyway until that time comes (if it ever does). That's the dichotomy. I've just seen so many people hell-bent on a cure that they put their lives on hold. Living our lives as they are while also seeing where change is possible and striving for it is a balancing act, for sure. :)


Here's another article on possibilities of a vaccine, which still won't cure anything, but it will minimize outbreaks and risk of passing herpes on. Still won't cut out the need to disclose to partners, though.


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wasn't counting on a cure at all. and this isn't a cure anyway. one 400mg pill a week for that much reduction of OBs and shedding would be fantastic. I was just doing some reading and came across this, not even sure how at the moment. it started with westover heights and their studies and went from there. the phase 2 trials were finished in 2011 and 2 years later the FDA puts the kibosh on it cause monkeys show toxicity at 75mg a kilo of body weight??? who would take that much of anything???

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You're right. Antivirals do reduce shedding rates, which is why they also reduce outbreaks (since outbreaks are just shedding on overload). Any article you read out there will unfortunately have just as much of a possibility of having incorrect information in it as correct. Use any of these articles as a starting point for more research. There's so much misunderstanding out there about herpes, especially because of the stigma that has been created and perpetuated around it.

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