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I have questions about my diagnosis!

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So I was just diagnosed with ghsv1 a little over 3 months ago from a pos hsv1 and neg hsv2 culture, I do know that ghsv1 is suppose to occur infrequently but that has not been my case at all I have gotten constant outbreaks around my anus and vaginal area even on suppressive therapy with Acyclovir 400 mg twice per day and treating the outbreaks with 500 mg Valtrex twice per day for 3 days.. Could this be hsv2 also? I know the test came back neg on the culture for hsv2 but could there have been a mistake? Is anyone else dealing with chronic outbreaks with ghsv1?? Please I'm in need of answers I'd be grateful for anyone that reaches out!

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Hey shel!


First... breathe!!!!!!!


So hsv 1 or 2 have litterally no rules. Theres guidlines its suppised to follow, but "h" breaks the rules all the time!.

(For instance all 6 of my o.b. have been pretty minor since jan whenni was diagnosed, and i have hsv2. Yet a girl i know bfs o.b. are horrible nightmare worse case o.b. and he has hsv1.)


A swab is the most accurate. I.m.o. i highly doubt u were mis diagnosed.


Some steps you can rry is a change in your diet and life style. Treat yourself as if you have a cold amd only do relaxing and calming activites


Epsom salt baths help and work wonders for not just healing but overal relaxation and skin health. When finnished a shower or bath use a bkow dryer on your special area to keep things dry. And go comando whenever possible.You can try to take a vitamen supplement called L-Lysine 1000mg a day.

Avoid foods that are high in arginine too as h loves it for some reason.


These links should help you out too!






http://supporttruthanddialog.com/ ( @WCSDancer2010 )

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@willow I honestly don't know why there's duplicate posts my posts kept freezing when I pressed post so idk what happened and idk how to delete them but yes I have been taking lysine vit c vit d everything else you could imagine to help my immune system as well as taking the anti virals

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Its just a glitch in the forum when u hit the post discussion buttion it actually has posted it, but it looks like u havent. Just gotta hit it once !;)


As for the subject at hand.. im sorry i dont have more info other than the links i posted but i know the more experienced members will chime in soon, @WCSDancer2010 is full of great ideas, you can click on her name and read the posts shes made, untill shes online again!

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, as @Willow said, Herpes doesn't play by any "rules" ... yes, all the literature says what "usually" happens. The majority of people who come here are either really newly diagnosed and scared (and many only stay a short while until they grasp the reality and come to peace with things), or those who are having extreme experiences (physically or emotionally). So while it may look like most people here may not be having "normal" experiences it's just an unfortunate thing that (for reasons we usually can't pinpoint) *some* people just plain get a bad hand dealt to them.


Sorry that you are suffering so much. It may be a number of things that are causing this.


You *may* also have HSV2 and you just didn't have a H2 OB when you were swabbed. Now that you are nearly 4 months past exposure, I'd suggest that you get blood tested, just for your personal information.


You may have other stressors that are making it easy for H to break through. Herpes LOVES stress of any kind. It can actually become your friend in that it can be your "First Responder" that you need to change something in your life. It may be your job, relationship, something you are eating, hormones, clothing (tight clothes can cause OB's), etc. Your first year or so is a time of trial and error to figure out what is causing YOUR OB's ... and in that time it should also start to settle down with time as your body creates antibodies. The healthier you are, the more you do to help to fight the virus, the faster your body can adjust.


One thing you CAN do is fight the virus from the outside. These links have suggestions about what you can do to attack the OB's externally....







Links to some of the items mentioned in these discussions:


http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




Hope this helps a bit .... things will get better over time .... (((HUGS)))

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