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Can you get herpes in different locations?

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Hi everyone!


Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Me and my girlfriend of 4 years broke up recently and now have to think of dating again. I was wondering, if i have herpes in a localized location (mine's below my belly button) and i have sex with a girl that has hsv 2 as well and is shedding the virus, is it possible i can get the virus again in another localized location (like on my penis or genitals?) or is having the virus already gonna "protect" me from getting it again?


Thanks for the information people! btw, do anyone of you guys date using a herpes online dating site or just normal dating and disclosing?

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Ah, the whole double jeopardy question. :) From all I've heard, it can be spread to spots on your body where HSV-2 likes to hang out (aka the genitals) if you really try to spread it there, for example if you have sex during an outbreak and you have an easy access into your body (mucous membrane or tear/cut in the skin). Once your body has had enough time to build up antibodies, it's less likely to spread, but there's always a possibility. But don't let this slight possibility turn you completely OCD or paranoid. ;) Communicate with your partner when either of you might be feeling the tinglies of a prodrome sensation so you can lessen the chances of herpes spreading.


And about the dating question, here's a blog post about that:



... and another forum post, too:


Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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My primary outbreak was no where near my butt....second outbreak it was on my butt...sucks! I heard the outbreaks could be anywhere and it doesn't have to be in the same location. I'll test this theory out! LOL Good luck!


And with the dating question, I've been with a boyfriend through this entire primary outbreak. Just be honest with anyone you start dating. Most of the time, people don't even care if you have herpes....of what I seem to notice by asking people.

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So far i had 3-4 outbreaks and they have been in the same spot. I hope they don't move lol shittttt. i hope i find a cool girl that is down even tho i got hsv2.. starting to feel a bit worried about it tho. i told one girl already, and we were about to have sex, we made out and everything was going good, then it didn't happen... discouraged me a bit.

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I had a relationship with a guy with genital herpes before. We never had sex and only communicated. I think learning about herpes opened my eyes with this ex during the relationship and it took time to accepting of it after a year. I never did sleep with him because we didn't get to it.


Then out of the blue I had hsv2 and I think my current partner gave it to me. Never got any phone calls from any ex partners about them having it. I hope things workout with you.


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