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Well most of you know that I work in a medical facility. Here we have obgyn, pediatrics (which I work in), family doctor, pain management, same day surgery, etc... Anyways... When I was first diagnosed it was by our nurse practitioner in the gyn office. She was nice about it but also kinda cold as well.... She prescribed me to take the suppressants. Well she is no longer here and I ran out of my meds. So I asked the midwife over there to refill my prescription since she is not that busy with patients. She filled it but told me to try to stop all suppressants and to just take it when I have an outbreak. Well I tried doing so and ended up with an outbreak not even a week later. HOWEVER, from what I could tell it was only maybe 3 sores. It started on Thursday, it was painful but pretty bearable. And by yesterday it was completely gone, with only taking the valtrex (well the generic kind) 2 times a day. I was so amazed with my immune system. I'm really hoping that is how my outbreaks stay... very few sores, bearable, and short lived! Yayyyy!!!

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congrats havefaith. I am on suppressive currently because I was having a tough time, lots of stress and ongoing low grade OBs. but I plan on sometime going off the antivirals ( unless so girl gets lucky and sweeps me off my feet). I have stopped all the supplements currently. something was making me feel odd and I needed to figure out who the culprit was.

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When a person has an OB is it normally a few sores? Or is it possible to only have one?


There's no one way that H will show up - it can be one sore, a few spots, or a large cluster. It can be blisters, lesions that almost look like paper cuts, or just an itchy rash. So in the early days many have a hard time figuring out what is an OB and what is a n ingrown hair/razor burn, etc ... @seeker has run the gamut of lumps and bumps ... LOL

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That's great to hear! Are you taking 1 500mg Valtrex twice a day? When I was first diagnosed in August I was put on valtrex.. First script was 500mg twice a day for 3 days.. Then it was 1000mg twice a day for 10 days.. They gave me a suppressive script and I ended up using it to wean myself down from 2000mg a day to nothing.. I've been med free for almost 3 weeks and now I'm having my second OB.. Started off as a very uncomfortable spot down there that looked like nothing for a few days (prodrome?) and today has turned into a bump.. I was going to see if my body could knock it out on its own, but I decided to take my meds to help. I just didn't know if I should take 2 500mg a day or bump it up to the 1000mg twice a day.. Any advice on the dosage? My dr wasnt too helpful.. Just told me to take it how I wanted, either as suppressive or episodic.. It looks like I have a little cluster of small bumps forming and I'm freaking out.. My first OB was only one and after the meds it was gone in 3 days.. I just still can't believe this is real :-( any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!! And I'm glad to hear the episodic treatment worked for you! I'm also trying to let my body build up a defense so I'm hoping that something built up in the 3 weeks j didn't take anything.. And I'm trying to figure out what I did to cause this OB.. Stress or food or just part of the process? Either way, time to take better care of myself and get through this OB without losing my marbles :-/

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I only do episodic treatment unless I'm with a partner.


The best time to take the meds is in the first 72 hrs after the first sign of an OB... if you get it early and hard you can often knock it right down before it gets to full OB status.... if you hit it from the outside at the same time, you can knock it down even faster.


While it's not a bad thing to want your body to learn to do the job, there is no use in suffering if you can cut it right down with a little bit of back-up ;)


I would try the 2/500mg ... see if it works ... you may have a little trial and error there. If that doesn't work, then bump it up.


And try some of the suggestions at the links below to attack it from the outside :)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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Thank you @dancer I agree! Why suffer for no reason? If you don't mind me asking, how often do you have OBs these days? Everything I've read says over time they become few and far between as your body learns how to fight it better.. Has that proven true for you?

As always, thank you for your support :-) reading those links now!!!

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My OB's are so infrequent and so small (and using my methods knocks them down to a couple days) that they are just a minor nuisance. I had one Genital and one Oral OB last month when I was traveling a lot and dealing with a relationship that I was *hoping* would take off (it hasn't) so I had a lot of life-stress going on. In both cases I knocked them straight down and the oral OB was only "visable" for the few days that the scab was there. I'm post-menopausal so that actually helps a LOT but even so, before that when I got a more normal (more aggressive) OB, the Alum and Acyclovir protocol that *I* use worked to knock it down within days for *me*. You have to find the things that work for you ... the #1 thing that is proven across the board is that the less stress you have, the fewer OB's you will have ;)

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