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New with a few questions

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I have recently been diagnosed with ghsv1 via blood work. I was having strange symptoms that I thought may have been related but no active lesions to actually culture. First question is, I did get a copy of my labs and the test states IgG positive for hsv1, there is no actual numeric result. Is this test reliable? Also a question about symptoms, the exposure is recent perhaps 5 months ago and the symptoms seem non stop no definable start and stop of an outbreak. I have seen small cuts, been very red and irritated and have had constant pinching and tingling sensations. Will this subside? I have also had upper thigh pain. Thanks in advance for any info.

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hello mom2one, the number can be important as there can be false positives below 3.5. sounds like your in Canada? several people on here from the great white north mention no numbers on results, straight pass/fail. sound like it is the real deal tho. im assuming H1 but down below? our forum mom will be on and she has tons of info to help and links in her holster.


yes it will subside, it may take some time. did the doctor offer any meds? I think ive read that h1 down under can be pretty bad on its first OB but once cleared it is less frequent as its not in its native lands so to speak.


the igg test is the best general test out, western blot is gold standard but only 1 place offers it, westover heights in Oregon. igg tests for type specific antigens and is fairly reliable unless your numbers fall between whatever is lowest positive and 3.5, then there can be POSSIBLE false positives. you either wait a while longer or go western blot. it was the old igm (? on last letter) that was iffy, if I remember correctly it could give a false positive for recent exposure to anything in the herpes family.

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Hi Seeker thanks for the response : ). Actually I am from the US so not sure why there were no numeric values?? Lab paper just said hsv1 IgG immunoblot positive, hsv2 negative then a separate result that said hsv anti-common Ag is positive, not sure what that means. The doctor said we could use meds for symptoms but I am trying to hold off to see if my body will "deal" but if constant symptoms persist I may have to try them. Just really confusing cause symptoms seem atypical as far as apparent OB that comes and goes as symptoms are constant since exposure. Hopefully I will have some relief soon.

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I just had an IGG done last Wednesday and got my results in the mail today. I'm in the US and Quest Diagnostics did the test. My results have numeric results. HSV 1 was negative. HSV 2 is positive with a result of > 5.00.


According to the scale on the results <0.90 is negative. 0.90-1.10 is equivocal. > 1.10 is positive. There is no doubt about the HSV 2 result. Back in the day every swab test I had came back negative. After 27 years I finally have a conclusive result. I will no longer have to whip it out for a new doctor to make a visual diagnosis. Got the results in black and white. Should be easy to get antivirals if I ever need any in the future.



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Hello and Welcome!


Just to clarify the numbers ... .9-1.10 is equivocal ... 1.10 is *considered* positive BUT between 1.1 and 3.5 the False Positive rate is about 40% .... >3.5 is considered to be a definite positive.


You may want to call up and ask for the actual numbers of the result. In my opinion if you don't have/can't get that number I'd get re-tested just so you know for YOU.


As for the symptoms, try the suggestions below ... especially the Epsom Salts Baths, Blow Drier to dry the area, and going commando. A few on here also swear by Hydrogen Peroxide (have to add that to my STD blog!) ... if you do that, let it do it's thing for awhile then blow dry the area off. By attacking the virus from the outside, you will help your body to get it under control faster ;)




Natural Treatments/medications





Some of the items suggested in the above articles

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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