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Hello again

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What we all done to get it?????...you done nothing.,,,its not always our fault....its just live.?????15-20 percent of all people in the world have it, even the most have no symptom's. I was sleeping with all my partners with condoms and I have H and HPV...I done nothing, you did nothing.....first important thing is to accept that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Realize that things like that can happen to every person, it happen to people who were sleeping with one person or other who were sleeping with 50 or 1000.perosn.....Its nobody fault to get MS, cancer or what ever...this happening. Don't put yourself in that position, I done it to often in my live , please try to accept and deal with it.as good you can ..... at first moment its a big bag on your shoulder, you feel sad and unaccepted but you are the same person , just with a little skin condition. You will realize at one point that you will feel better with it, you will accept it, believe me....I started far to late to accept it, it make my live so much more painful. Sure I still struggle at some point but I Feel much better now and you will feel better too ....promise. Miscarriage , well usually person who a that point pregnant and have they first Ob have a bigger possibility to loose there child but it don't need to be. If you pregnant , you should take the last month of you pregnancy antivirals and if necessary make a C-section if you really have a OB .So much people have H and they still get baby's....so don't worry to much about that,big hug

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dancer your needed STAT!!


2 babies with H and they are healthy and have had babies of their own. well one I think so no, no auto miscarriage. maybe some more vigilance on your part but show me a decent pregnant women who isn't diligent and geminij im thinking your a decent woman.


im a Gemini also, duel personalities for the win!!

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Have a calm talk with your obstetrician and ask all the questions you need. Babies are brought into the world safely every day with H+ mums. I'm one of them, have two healthy beautiful little girls. One C-section, the other natural birth. The most important thing for you to do now is try and stay happy and relaxed, rest and eat well. Beating yourself up will do you or your little one no good... Keep talking to people here but don't stress ;-)

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Is it true I'm more likely to have a miscarriage now that in h+? ...


Where in the HELL did you hear that??? I think that tops the "Load of crap" list of things people have come on here with (Well, maybe it ties with spreading Herpes on the toilet seat!). ;)


Herpes lives in the nerve ganglion ... it doesn't come in contact with the uterus in any way, shape, or form. The ONLY thing that may happen is that if you have an OB when you go into labor they will likely suggest you have a Cesarean ... but most take Valtrex for the last month and are fine.


I had 1 daughter by Cesarean (because I was scared into it ... didn't actually need it) and one naturally ... never had one iota of an issue due to Herpes.


As for the "Why Me Pity Party"? ... well, you are still new to this so we will overlook this, but at some point, you need to let go of the "Why Me" thing. I mean, why NOT you? Why would ANYONE get Herpes? It's a pointless question ... and ruminating on it won't get you anywhere. Try to look around you and guess who had H.... one in 4 or 5 of the people around you has it .... and I can tell you that you cannot tell which one has it. Rich/poor, young/old, pretty/homely, man/woman, gay/straight ... yada yada yada ... Herpes is an equal opportunity virus.


Hey - I'll take this shit over Ebola any day, even if they manage to figure out how to stop the spread anytime soon :/

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Sorry... I know I shouldn't feel this way but it's the honest truth of my feelings.

The hardest part is how it affects my mood it makes me tired, lethargic and just can't be bothered to socialise. I get awful back pain at the base of my spine and it's hard because my family and friends around me just think I'm being weird and unsociable.

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Sorry... I know I shouldn't feel this way but it's the honest truth of my feelings.


There is no "should" or "shouldn't". It's where you are and very normal at this point. And acknowledging those feelings is great. My point is at *some point* you will be better served to accept your "new reality" and let go of the "Why Me?". You get to choose when that time is ... when you are tired of the suffering and the emotional pain that you are stuck in.


We ALL get stuck in these patterns .... and the only way out is to acknowledge the feeling, accept the reality, and CHOOSE to LIVE LIFE fully anyway. When you decide that you are ready, it will be like a new workout ... you will have to exercise this new muscle ... this choice to life life fully WITH herpes. ... but you can do it. Every day it will get easier but every day you may have to choose between buying into the stigma or standing in acceptance and peace with what is.


And right now, you are perfect no matter where you are at ;)



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I have a friend who found out she is H2+ when she was pregnant through a regular screening. She said she never had an outbreak and her husband of 10 years was negative. Figure that one out! Her son was delivered natural and healthly....no problems! I think she said they gave her Valtrex before she delivered to prevent an outbreak.


You and your baby will be fine!

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hate to be blunt but it helps to take a " fuck herpes" attitude. I don't mean not disclose or have good hygiene ( and when does that EVER not help?) it may be because im older and don't really concern myself with some of the things other do but I find myself daily thinking less about this skin condition. im still learning it but am more inclined recently to tell it to go pooch itself than bother me and whatever I have planned.

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