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3rd disclosure success :)

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I recently met an incredible guy. Seriously one of the best men I've met since I've started dating. Cute, smart, kind, humble, driven, funny, and has already done some pretty amazing acts of kindness for me. The whole nine yards. The best part is that he really really likes me.


Anyway, I've had the best time dating him over the past month or so and there's only so much fooling around you can do especially since he's a pretty sexual guy. I invited him over for a later dinner after his football practice, cooked him an awesome meal, talked, he even told me a story that over the weekend he has "accidentally" dropped the word "girlfriend" in reference to me with someone he met. (Hah.)


Well when we finally started getting intimate that night he definitely could tell I was tense. So I stopped him and just came out with it. Of course I started with explaining how amazing of a time is had with him and how I thought I was ready for the next level but we needed to talk first. He wasn't familiar with the term HSV, but when I dropped the word "herpes" his face dropped a little bit, which made me nervous but I kept going, telling him how I got it, how manageable the virus is with antivirals, how common it is, how many people don't know they have it, how stigmatized the virus is, and how of course, how I wanted to give him, what wasn't given to me when I got this -- peace of mind that I was doin everything I could to be safe and give him the information and choice of going forward.


He asked me a few questions, but ultimately sai "well I can't tell you how much I appreciate you telling me. A lot of girls wouldn't do that and I really really respect you for that. we'll definitely use a condom then. I mean that's the reason I use one when I'm not in a serious relationship, and I know you said you got it when you were with a guy who didn't know, so that really sucks but we'll be safe about it. Thank you again for telling me though."




He definitely wanted to go to town that night but I still needed to get on the pill again....


I was definitely nervous that he would change his min because we've only known each other a few weeks, and he's the first partner I've told who I didn't have previous history with... Thank goodness he's totally normal about things and has been super attentive while he's been outta town the past few days. He's coming over tomorrow, and I seriously cannot wait! :D

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