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Second herpes outbreak much different than the first :-(

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So I'm currently experiencing my second OB.. And it's much different than the first one. My first OB was 1 tiny bump, was not painful or itchy, and was cleared up in a few days after being put on Valtrex.. This OB is a small cluster of bumps, close to the original bump, but is much more painful and irritating than the first was. I know that OBs can vary, but i guess my concern is that maybe I've spread it around on accident from washing. I was diagnosed in August and I'm still trying to figure out how my body is going to react and handle the virus. Since my first OB was so mild and short, I was hoping future OBs would be even less, but I was proven wrong. Definitely feeling discouraged at the moment waiting on this OB to clear up :-/ Has this happened to anyone else? Anything I should be doing to avoid spreading this all over my lady parts? Aside from the obvious, no touching lol!! Thanks in advance for your input :-)

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Hello hello!!


So i.m.o..... i dont think uve passed it to another area.

i say this because since january whrn i was diagnosed ive ha 6 o.b. and 5 of then have been different symptons. 3 different spots.


Its alot to do with where the virus entered. It could have entered in 1 spot. Or 3.... (like mine)

So i dont think uve done anything to transfer it.



As for the o.b. itself? Ive used a tiny bit of lydocain jelly 2%. Was 15 bucks (in Canada). And just over the counter. It helpes numb the nerve a bit for a cple hrs.

make sure u keep the area clean. And dry.

and get lots of rest!!

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Thank you @willow for your feedback!! I would hope that it's not that easy to spread it, or else we would all have it everywhere lol! I'll have to go look for that creme.. I started putting tea tree oil on them yesterday and that definitely had a nice cooling effect. Hopefully it clears up asap.. This certainly is the pitts! Trying to rest as much as possible, but keeping up with a 2 and a half year old is lots of work :-/ as for keeping it clean, I have been showering twice a day.. Is it ok for me to larger up with soap and wash all over down there? Can I spread it that way? I read that once it comes into contact with soap it dies.. I'm just super paranoid!! Thanks!!!

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I can't offer much, but what I can say is that my second OB is just healing and it covered a larger area than my first (size of a quarter increased from size of a dime) I don't know if it's necessary, but I tend to soap the rest of the area first before focusing on the 'danger zone'. (since we're making a big deal of it!)


@willow I'm curious how your 5 OBs varied in symptoms? I'm noticing a lack of pain, general constant tiredness and weakness, lack of appetite, sparking nerve endings in other body parts. Quite paranoid I might have another condition too, possibly/hopefully effects of feeling a bit depressed.

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Oh ya lather away! Im sure @WCSDancer2010 will be here soon.. as she has alot of helpful links!

But showering with soap is always a good thing. And yes the soap usually kills the virus right away. I usually clean every where with soap.. rinse.. then a quick handwash after when i have an o.b. just so i dont accidentally touch it then my eyes (i wear contacts so im always rubbing my eyes haha..)

If u have a blow dryer at home.. u can use it to dry that area too..


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Thank you @sil88 , I'll try that washing technique!! Are you taking medicine at all?


I'm actually curious of the same thing @willow! I didn't have any symptoms that I know of for my initial OB, I just noticed the bump.. but now that I'm on my second, I definitely had noticible symptoms for this one.. I was off my meds for 4 weeks and every itch and tingle terrified me.. But the signs I had before this OB were a stinging sensation (pretty much where my OB is), redness in the same spot, and a shooting pain in my left butt cheek.. Both OBs have been on my left side of my lady parts. I was assuming that was my prodrome.. What symptoms did you have with your OBs?

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Oh yes!!! Every time I touch in the shower, I wash my hands lol! I've never been so clean in my life.. Go figure, right? As I've also never felt so dirty.. Uhhhh the stigma.. Trying to get passed it all.. Baby steps I suppose.. It's only been 2 months.. Still trying to figure out how to cope! I spent my 6 weeks being OB free checking 24-7 for a bump.. Every feeling I had down there, which are prob 99% in my head, had me stressed out..

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6 weeks OB free isn't bad going. I think my second was about the same delay, with some kind of 3-day spotless fever in between.


I was given valaciclovir, which I took each time I felt or saw something, but stopped after 2 or 3 days since I had a suspicion it might be causing side affects. Next time I might try not using it at all.

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That was my goal.. But 1 day into this OB I decided to start on the meds.. And I'm glad I did bc even on the meds, it seems to be getting worse.. Not terrible, but 1 bump has turned into a cluster the size of a dime and now I just noticed another small little cluster on the other side.. Great! I just need to woosah and try not to stress.. But I do wonder what it would be like with no meds at all.. The bumps seem to be healing already.. At least I think? I guess I really have no clue what's going on down there..

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ive never used meds to heal my OB until this last OB an honestly i dont think they did much. maybe made the itching less annoying sooner. only reason i decided to try the meds was cuz my first 3 OB were just one sore. bout the size of an eraser on a pencil. but this last OB was 3 tiny sores so i thought id give meds a try.


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First - yes, your 2nd OB may be very different from the first... over time they will settle and "normalize" and you will get to know YOUR OB's.


I attack mine from the inside AND the outside. Have you tried anything on the links I post everywhere about things that people have tried? I'm a big fan of Ammonium Alum but I warn you it *can* sting like a Mofo when you put it on if the sores are open. I hit them as soon as I feel *anything* now so it knocks it right down before they become blisters. That, the Epsom Salts baths and blow drier/going commando when possible (get some really light loose pants for around the house) do wonders for many people.


Once you figure out what works for YOU, you will feel more in control of the OB's and then you will find you can "live" with them a lot easier ;)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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Yea I was put on the meds with my first and it cleared up so fast and I barely had any symptoms.. This OB has been completely different and the symptoms have been much more intense. I really have no idea if the meds are working bc I'm not really feeling much relief.. But I do think it might be clearing up.. I just noticed the first bump on Friday.. Now it's 2 clusters.. But they are small bumps and don't look open anymore... But like I said, I have no freaking clue what's going on down there :-/ at the very least, the meds give me piece of mind.. How long do your OBs usually last with no meds?

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thank you dancer!! Yes, I just tried tea tree oil for relief, I def go commando and wear loose pants when I can.. Keep the area super dry.. Etc.. Haven't gotten the ammonium alum yet.. And to be honest, I'm scared to try lol! Someone else said they use rubbing alcohol, but I'm scared to do that too. I guess I'm nervous to aggravate the area more than it already is.. But I need to just pull up my britches and suck it up! At this point, trial and error is all I've got!! Rereading over your links now for more ideas!! Thank you!!!

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First o.b. one tiny sore.

2nd o.b. shooting pain thru a vein (that one killed me!)

3rd o.b. itchy perinium.

4th o.b. small cluster.

5th o.b. small red bumps resembling mosquito bites on perninium.

6th o.b. one tine sore just as the first. But i was a little iychy before it came so i doubled up on meds for 3 days. Barely noticed at all!

So 3 areas... 5 different symptons... and still learning! Haha


As Dancer said.. everyonr is different

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