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Quick question about antivirals

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Hey friends,

Well I think i may be experiencing my second outbreak (not bad three months out from the first). Here is my question. I'm currently taking Valtrex for suppressive therapy (I'm single but I take it for peace of mind I sippose) and was wondering if I should/can double up on the meds safely. I've been taking 1 gram a day. Would 2 be too much? Is it normal to have a small outbreak now and again even on the meds?


Thanks for any help. :)

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I am currently in the midst of my second OB as well.. I was taking valtrex for the first OB and started suppressive therapy but decided to stop to see how my body would handle it. I was off the meds for almost 4 weeks when this second OB started. I started right back on the valtrex... Right to 1000mg twice a day.. My suppressive dosage was 500mg once a day.. My dr said it was fine to double up if I decided to use it for episodic treatment.. I decided to go to the 1000mg because thats what I was put on with my first OB. I've seen some people on here take 2 500mg pills a day for episodic.. I'm still trying to figure out what works with my body.. It's all trial and error for now!!! I'd say you're ok to double up, but definitely call your dr if you're concerned! Good luck!!!! :-)

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I also take 1g of lysine a day to help prevent OBs. Apparently that alone doesn't work for me bc now I'm on my second lol! I'm likely going to continue with the suppressive meds this time after my OB clears to see how I do. I also just started taking the airborne immune support + multivitamin to help boost my immune system and make sure I'm getting the proper nutrients :-)

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Hi, I am on suppressive for peace of mind also. continuous low grade OBs with lots of "what the hell is that's" ive had to drop all supplements so my body could deal with the antivirals. ( I was having what I thought were side effects). no OBs so far but some possible prodomes. as I understand it, antivirals saturate the bloodstream and only attach to cells with virus in them, otherwise its flushed from our systems. so taking more may help or it may not. I recently read a study suggesting there wasn't much to be gained by high dose antivirals. I would keep on my current dosage ( assuming its the norm) maybe increase by 1/2 but spread it out, not all at once as I also understand these meds metabolize in less then 3 hours. work on your immune system, maybe some Echinacea/goldenseal or some good veggies and sleep. also stress can override all the meds in the world. try not to stress out, or at least let it go. I know how hard it can be to let that jackass who just cut me off, get by. lol.

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The meds help to REDUCE OB's but they have never claimed to stop them. Everyone is different and your stressors will change from day to day.


What are you doing to try to attack it from the outside? Have you seen these links that I've posted to others? The Epsom Salts baths, blow drier, and (in my case) Ammonium Alum and going commando all help to speed up the healing process ;)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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