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The "Talk" went well, but...

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Does anyone know about HPV?


I disclosed this evening with a potential partner and she disclosed that she has HPV.


I don't know what to do with this info. I've done plenty of reading from reliable sources. It doesn't seem like a big deal and at my age (50), the one vaccine that they have for males isn't recommended beyond 26 years of age.


My concern is that I already am H+ and I don't know if I want to add this to the inconvenience of being H+


Any thoughts?

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I have hpv and ghsv2.

Was diagnosed 7 yrs back with warts. Got treated. Hasnt ever come back.

theres a number of strains to this virus too... does she kniw which one she has?

Some cause cancer. Others cause warts. And some dont really do anything..


I see your concern, but for me it hasnt caused complications in the big picture at all.

(Im almost 25)

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Well look at it the other way, is she willing to compound her situation with herpes? HPV is the most common std and it isn't usually a big deal at all. In most cases less annoying than H (considering she knows and has been treated so that prevents the cancer). And I thought the hpv that can cause cancer only does in women?

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I don't know much about HPV and google is a daunting place to try and learn about it. Maybe you could ask her about it? Not only will she most likely be knowledgeable (I feel like an expert on herpes at this point) but it will show that you are at least willing to learn and she will appreciate that. May even help with your connection(:

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As far as i know theres no meds.

but i also heard that once 5 to 7 yrs have passed without a wart o.b. its "gone"

I personally dont know if that mean gone for good. Or just gone wont make an appearance again.

i havent had any trouble since 7 and a half yrs ago with it.

Andd i might be wrong again... but i dont believe the wart strain is the cancer strain.

i didnt /havent run into a cancer situation.

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There are about 40 types of HPV virus ... about 2 create warts, roughly 4-6 can cause cancer. The rest just scare people when they find they have them in their STD tests ....


Men can't be tested for HPV so there's a good chance you are already carrying it. According to the CDC "HPV is so common that most sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives."




The one that causes warts is a nuisance and no more. IF you happen to get them, they freeze them off and they go away. After about 3 yrs the virus goes dormant and then it shouldn't bother you again. I got genital warts from BF #2. (and HSV2 from my first sexual experience.... maybe I should have become a nun :p ) I have never had an issue with it after they froze them off.


And yes men CAN get cancer from HPV ... on the penis or throat - but again it's pretty rare and the one that creates warts won't give you cancer.


M opinion? If she is ok with risking getting HSV from you, which can reoccur several times a year, and you are only risking getting a pesky wart from her, I'd say you are getting the better end of the deal. ;)





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