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Whats the difference between exposed to hsv and having it?

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I been having hsv for a year now and I don't take my meds I had new partners they had caught it, maybe I don't have it huh I got tested again last month at the ER he said I didn't have it he looked at did blood test my OB said I didn't have it but my main doctor said I did it was 1.51 and the other test were .90

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I'm confused. Are you having OB's? And are you saying that your partners caught it from you?


Certainly 1.51 is barely inside the positive number ...


Positive is any number above 1.1 HOWEVER

there are a lot of false positives (about 40%) between 1.1 and 3.5

Over 3.5 is a "definite" positive result


Remind me ... as I recall you have not had any OB's? And you went to a regular Primary Care Dr? I think I mentioned that you should get to an OBGYN ... did you get to one and what did they say?


I strongly suggest you get to an OBGYN if you have not already, and possibly re-test. If it's still in the "low positive" area I would call Westover Heights, explain your situation and possibly take their Western Blot test...


Dr. Lisa Taulbee at the Westover Heights Clinic,http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678 ... she can order the test for you through Quest Labs. It costs $5/minute for a consult … cheap IMO for clarity and/or peace of mind.



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Itching and burning could be a yeast infection. I would go back to your OB ... NOT your regular Dr --- most PCP's and GP's are not well informed.


You are definitely in the possibility for a false positive range. I really suggest that you call the number I gave you and get some advice from the people at Westover Heights. You should probably get a Western Blot test and they can do it for you via phone.

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