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anti- virals


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After I was diagnosed I kind of had my mind made up that I wasn't taking any anti- virals. I didn't want to make any type of medicine apart of my everyday. I've always had a fear of it being in my immune system and not working well with any other medicine I may have to take one day. So I've never been on birth control and I don't usually take pain medicine unless the pain is unbareable. I've been taking Valtrex everyday 3 times a day... Should I? Do you guys take any anti- virals? Is there something different I can do? I really just do not want to face an OB that's painful like the ones I've read about!

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3 times a day! My goodness hoe long have u been doin this?

Im on valtrex 500 mg once a day for suppressive therapy.

i only take 2 a day if i think i feel a prodrom or an o.b. comming along.

and i only do it twice a day for max a week...


My pharamsist said 3 moths to 9 months for suppressive. But im gonna be on it longer as i now have a b.f. to help keep hime safe from transmission.


Also, the horrible horror stories u read about dont always happen.

Mine for example have been MINOR compared to some stories.

and i hav hsv2-g.


And with time if u get o.b. they tend to lessen with severity with time.

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I am just like you.. I hate the thought of taking daily medicine.. For that reason I never did BC, vitamins, etc. However, after this diagnosis I had to come to terms with the reality that anti vitals will be a part of my life forever, especially of i get into a relationship with someone who is H-. After my initial OB I took them for about 3 weeks.. I weaned myself down to the typical 500mg of valtrex a day and then decided to give my immune system a try and stopped completely. I went 4 weeks OB free.. Last Friday I had my second OB.. Started back on the meds and it's pretty much gone. This time I'll likely stay on the suppressives for a bit because I really don't want to have an OB during the holidays and my bday :-/ my second OB was much more intense than my first. Every positive thought and feeling I had been holding on to for those OB free weeks disappeared in an instant. Now that I'm at the end of this second OB, I feel it all coming back. It's a roller coaster emotionally and you just have to figure out what works best for you! Keep the meds on hand and if you decide to treat it as they come, double up when you feel the symptoms and hopefully you will knock it out before it starts! Dancer has a lot of good advice about that stuff :-)

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