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HSV Vaccine News

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Thx for the read....just to clarify, these vaccines that want to elicit a T cell response only work if the virus is activated from the nerves, right? So maybe it just doesn't travel to the skin once activated to where it can shed BBC the T cells attack it!. Is this the theory behind these vaccines less OB and less shedding. It doesn't keep the virus dormant, it just elicits a T cell response once the virus is reactivated?


Please someone correct me if I am wrong...just curious....so this will never be a "cure" just a reduction in OB and shedding.


For a cure, it would likely have to keep the virus permanently dormant or eradicate the cells in the nerves which sounds pretty scary to me and likely never (ok never say never) gonna happen.

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Sounds like how they are controlling HIV/AIDS ... they have found a way to keep it from being detectable in the bloodstream and I believe it's through the same methods ... getting the body to attack the virus as soon as it peeks out of it's hiding place.


My understanding is the only way to get a FULL cure is to get ALL the virus to come out at once which I assume would make you very sick while your body battled the virus.


So our best hope may be with something that will just beat it back as much as possible ... not a "cure" per se, but a chance to greatly reduce the shedding to a point where it's almost non-detectable.

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Thank u....great read...love the science behind this stuff.


Seems to me e was suggesting it is better to get antivirals after primary infection bc decreases severity of replication. Likely my issue....no lesions, no antivirals, not herpes but it replicated like mad and had serious affects on my health.


Sad face.

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Just to make note of the possible side effects and the actual result... with my *personal* thoughts about the first link regarding the vaccine...




Basically, the results show that while there are more lesions than at the six-month mark, a year after the three-vaccine sequence, there’s still a marked improvement in the presentation of the disease. At the six-month mark, for instance, there was a 65 percent reduction in lesion rate. At the year mark, there was a 42 percent reduction.


The most common side effects of the vaccine were fatigue, muscle aches, tenderness and pain of a largely mild or moderate intensity. No truly adverse events resulted.


Useful reduction ... but sounds like a 50% at best after a year ... will be useful to know if that levels out or continues to drop. However, I'd want to know more about the side effects because with Valtrex at least if you have a side effect you can go off it... after a vaccine you are going to be stuck with whatever happens....so I'd want to know how prevalent this is and the true nature of the side effects.



Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction ... but I hope someone comes up with something that will reduce it more AND have minimal or no side effects... At least we know *someone* is doing something to help to knock this down .. and in the meantime, we go on LIVING .... ;)

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